The Amazing Aerostotle

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FAVOURITE PASTIME Playing with his endless supply of toys and making people smile.   NICKNAMES Turbo Cat   MOTTO “I see with my heart, not with my eyes.”   more
Horse and Cat

Video of the Day - Horse grooms cat

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Lessons in cat gifs

9 Things My Cat Taught Me

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9. Sunbeams deserve more attention than I currently give them 8. The anticipation of dinner often exceeds the experience of eating it 7. Having a short memory when it comes to failure is a necessary (and sometimes painful) part of achieving big things more
Kitten Falling Asleep

Video of the Day - Kitten falls asleep

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Cats in Sunbeams

Cats in Sunbeams

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Chester Haley Buttons Luna and Brownie Elee Twinkie Nelson more


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