Sleeping Cats

Champion Sleeping Cats

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Cat rings bell

Video of the Day - Cat rings bell for treat

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Quick way to more cats on your computer

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Not enough cats on the internet for you? We hear you. Finally, someone has stepped up to address this problem with a nifty desktop application that allows you to replace all (yes, all) of the images in your web browser to cats. Simply go to and add the extension to your browser, visit the cat-less page of your choice, and click the app to see all of the boring non-cat photos magically turn into ones with cats! more

The Loveable Lazarus

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At the tender age of just 10 weeks, a little kitten with a severe bilateral cleft palate was found on the streets of Johnson City, Tennessee. Just how he had survived thus far is a mystery. Happening upon him, a student at East Tennessee State University (ETSU) plucked him up and, in a stroke of genius (or was it the fingers of fate?), called Cynthia Chambers, a woman known for her animal rescue efforts who also just happens to be a special educator. more

The Amazing Aerostotle

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FAVOURITE PASTIME Playing with his endless supply of toys and making people smile.   NICKNAMES Turbo Cat   MOTTO “I see with my heart, not with my eyes.”   more


Cat of the Week!

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