Cats in Boxes

Boxes are a Cat's Best Friend

Category: Cat Life
1. Ki-Ke   2. Peaches   3. Neptune   4. Abby   5. Binx   more
Kitties in Blankies

Kitties in Blankies

Category: Cat Life
1) Butternut    2) Moss   3) Panda Bear   more
I love you

Celebrate Valentine's Day Like an Animal

Category: Cat Life
1. Wear your feelings on your chest 2.Class it up and go all out for that special someone 3. Cuddle with everyone, even those that are sworn enemies 4. Persistance pays off 5. Get wild like a llama more
Kitten Bowl 2015

Kitten Bowl 2015!

Category: Cat Life
This weekend, the biggest event in sports all year is airing: The Kitten Bowl! While we like the food, friends, and football that happens every year, we truly look forward to seeing adorable, adoptable kittens duke it out on the field. Beth Stern will host this too cute for words adoption fest on Super Bowl Sunday! Meet some of the players: more
Meme Cats

Meme Cats!

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Cat of the Week!

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