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Global Cat Day

Global Cat Day

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People from every country and every walk of life show compassion for cats all year round, in ways big and small. On Global Cat Day, October 16, we’re rallying people around the world to take our pledge to speak up for the cats in their communities and show kindness for all catkind. more

Does Your Pet Have A Hot Spot?

Category: Health
Have you ever noticed your pet excessively licking, biting, or scratching a specific area on their body? This behavior can lead to an infection in the upper layer of the skin otherwise known as pyotraumatic dermatitis, or a “hot spot.” more
Hiding Illness

When is Your Cat Hiding Illness or Injury?

Category: Health
We do our best to take care of our feline friends, but sometimes signs of pain and sickness go unnoticed. Dr. Stacy Eckman, clinical assistant professor at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, described feline behavior that could mean an underlying health issue. more

Autumn Cats

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Autumn is the most wonderful season of the year! Outside, the leaves begin to turn red and gold, and there's that magical nip in the air. These kitties are making the most of this romantic season, whether they are playing in the fallen leaves, basking in the scent of cinnamon and nutmeg, or simply cuddling up in blankets and flannels. - ERM   1) Simba more

Visit Us At The National Pet Industry Trade Show!!!

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Check out these Modern Cat approved exhibitors for the latest and greatest products. Also, scroll down to see where you can pick up your free copy of Modern Cat magazine!  more


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