Mother's Day

Send Mom A Free E-Card!

Category: Cat Life
Send Mom one of these super sweet e-cards featuring none other than her favourite animal—the ever-loving, always adorable, sometimes cagey cat! Because Moms work hard—cleaning up hairballs, preparing stinky meals, and clearing out litter boxes—they deserve a special thank you. So let one of these furballs give you a hand! Happy Mother's day to all the wonderful Moms out there!   more
Fort Mac

How You Can Support Animals Affected By Fort McMurray's Wildfires

Category: Inspire
When devastating wildfires overtook Fort McMurray, in northearstern Alberta on Tuesday, evacuation was swift and mandatory. Tragically, that meant that a lot of pets were left behind—the risk of reentering homes was just too high. R.J. Bailot of the Alberta Spay Neuter Task Force said that animal rescue missions cannot take place until the evacuation order has been lifted. In the meantime, pet-owners are left feeling helpless and afraid. more
Cat mama

12 Ways To Celebrate Cat Moms This Mother's Day

Category: Cat Life
Got a proud cat mama at home? She works hard taking care of the furry (and not so furry) loved ones in your household. To help you show your appreciation we've selected some truly lovely, cat-centric gifts. Accessories, candles, home décor—all sure to put a big smile on her deserving face!   more

Your Guide To Switching Your Cat's Food

Category: Health
Should You Be Changing Your Cat’s Food? As people, we have the luxury of eating what we want, when we want. We don’t have to eat the same meal everyday if we don’t want to, and if we decide we are ready for a change, we have an entire grocery store full of new options to try. Our cats don’t have or need this luxury. Instead, there are several circumstances that warrant reconsidering your cat’s recipe choice. more

How To Cope With Hairballs

Category: Cat Life
Hairballs are a natural part of your cat’s fastidious grooming routine, but that doesn’t mean you love cleaning them up! To help with the woes of hairball control we’ve selected products to reduce their frequency, as well as cleaning products for when the inevitable happens.   more


Cat of the Week!

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