For 48 Hours You can Double Your Impact in Helping Tigers

For 48 Hours You can Double Your Impact in Helping Tigers
July 29, 2015 by Modern Pets

World Animal Protection has some incredible news to share… in honour of World Tiger Day a generous donor has agreed to match your gifts up to $25,000!

As one of World Animal Protection's dedicated supporters, they know that you agree that wild animals belong in the wild. But sadly, with an estimated 3,000 tigers remaining in the wild the opportunity to see them in their own environment becomes more and more challenging. And the desire to get up close and even touch one is strong. Unbelievably, unknowing tourists will pay to have their picture taken with an adult tiger or to feed a baby tiger, thinking that no harm has come to that animal. But this is no life for these regal creatures. Chained to a platform, unable to roam. Living in a barren concrete pit. Torn from their mother and dressed in costumes. These beautiful, majestic animals suffer immensely. They don’t deserve this. But there is hope.

$20 donation becomes $40 and a $50 donation becomes $100!

But hurry this offer will expire at 8AM on Friday...

Help them reach our goal and protect animals around the world from cruelty and suffering. 

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