It’s a Bird. It’s a Bug. It’s Neko Birbug and Telescoping Rod!

It’s a Bird. It’s a Bug. It’s Neko Birbug and Telescoping Rod!
July 20, 2015 by Modern Pets

It’s a bird. It’s a bug. It’s Neko Birbug – a gliding cat teaser toy that has earned a coveted new product award from the Editors of Pet Product News International Magazine.

Neko Birbug, used with The Telescoping Rod, was designed by Nekochan Creative Officer Ellen Tsuyuki to ensure comfort, convenience and hours of safe play for cats and humans.

Creating Birbug and Telescoping Rod “Labour of Love”
“As a pet owner, I found cheap plastic wands unsafe, difficult to control and impossible to store,” explains Ellen. “Our Telescoping Rod features a shaped cork handle to give you better comfort and control during play sessions. The Telescoping Rod adjusts easily from 18’ to 25’ or fully extended at 32” to suit the play preferences of every cat. For owners, it fits compactly in cupboards, drawers and carry-on suitcases,” she says.

For cats, the star of the show is the Nekochan Birbug attachment – an irresistible bird/bug combination with dangly spider legs, bird feathers and iridescent, expansive wings that glide through the air.

“Cats like variety. They like surprise during playtime. Neko Birbug was created to awaken a cat’s natural prey instinct, which is critical to creating an enriching environment,” explains Ellen, who calls the creation of Birbug a labour of love. “It’s a tremendous honour to be recognized by the Editors of Pet Product News International Magazine from the many new pet toys that are introduced every year,” she says.

“Birbug can be used to inspire air play or ground chase, so it’s a hit with leapers and hunters like my own cats Tomi, Tenka and Tane. Even very laid back or older cats who seem bored by most cat toys will become engaged with Birbug ‘s movement,” says Ellen.

Experts agree that creating an enriching indoor environment is essential to promote feline health and wellness. To align Birbug with cat prey preferences and psychology, Ellen worked extensively over a two year period with input from testers and animal behaviorists.

Satisfying Catch for Cats
“Birbug is a substantial, satisfying catch for cats,” explains Ellen. “The Birbug toy is big enough to lick, bite and bunny kick during playtime,” she says, adding that Birbug should only be used under human supervision and tucked away when not in use.

Like all Nekochan products, Neko Birbug and the Telescoping Rod are made from quality materials including non-toxic glues and safe clips and strings that won’t catch on a cat’s paw pads.

About Nekochan
Nekochan is dedicated to creating safe, enjoyable and premium products for pets. Neko Birbug and the Telescoping Rod, Neko Flies and Neko Pawdz are available at leading specialty retailers across North America.

Nekochan Birbug and Telescoping Rod has earned endorsements and honours from TICA (The International Cat Association) and Pet Product News International Magazine. To learn more and order products, visit or call 1-866-699-6356

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