Meet Mirian Hasani, Feline Trainer & Behaviour Specialist and Avid Kitten Rescuer

Meet Mirian Hasani, Feline Trainer & Behaviour Specialist and Avid Kitten Rescuer
September 28, 2015 by Modern Pets

Born and raised in Italy, I grew up wanting a cat. My mother would not allow that; being from a small town she believed cats are evil, and especially black cats.

Many years ago, my first cat, Snickle found his way into my heart. He was the first of several rescued cats over the past years, mostly unadoptable ones.

Few years ago, my best friend introduced me to the Cat House on the Kings, no kill, no cage Feline Sanctuary. I then decided to help as much as I could.

As I started driving from Los Angeles (200 miles) to the Cat House, they would ask me if I could pick up either one or several cats that were being surrendered. Coming back home, I would bring down between 16 to 20 kittens, to be adopted locally as part of a Program Exchange with rescues.  Soon my van became known as the Kitten Mobile and I started doing these trips regularly, about twice or three times a month depending on the need.

Knowing the reason why some people surrender their cats, made my heart heavy and especially when I realized that nothing was wrong with the cat itself, it was the surroundings and the situations. Some reasons are legitimate, such as the owner not being able to take care of the cat anymore; but other reasons such as improper elimination, biting, scratching, not getting along with other cats, hyperactivity, shyness or hissing can definitely be improved or eliminated.

I strongly felt the need to do more, to be more pro-active in helping cats keep their homes and families or find their furrever homes. I then enrolled and got my Certification as Feline Trainer and Behavioral Specialist and now focus my efforts to help those in need. With a little guidance and a lot of patience, any situation can improve!

Are you experiencing any behavior problems with your cat? I want to help you! Check out my website to find out further information:

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Approximately 2 weeks ago I employed Mirian with the socialization of a stray cat into our family. She was an absolute God send! Her expertise on how to integrate this beautiful stray could not have been more remarkable! Everything under her guidance worked like a charm. Definitely seek her out if you need help for any adverse behaviors with your feline companions. :)
Wed, 09/30/2015 - 12:40

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