It's Not Only Dogs That Are Faithful

It's Not Only Dogs That Are Faithful
October 27, 2016 by Modern Cat Magazine

Meet Toldo, a faithful cat who has been visiting the grave of his rescuer, Iozelli Renzo, who adopted Toldo when he was just three months old. Toldo, in addition to standing vigil by Renzo's grave, has also been bringing presents of twigs, paper towels and leaves to deposit by the headstone. Toldo was recognized by Renzo's family when they have gone back to visit the site, and now villagers report that Toldo is a regular fixture at the site. 

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<p>I am a funeral director and have seen these type of things often. As a cat lover, it always touches my heart.</p> <p>At one of the cementaries I work at there is a beautiful cat that comes each day to go first to the headstone of his owner, but then he comes and sits on top of the other caskets as they are being buried that day. It is like he is blessing them. And when the funeral involves non-cat lovers he knows it and sits vigil at the head of the casket on the ground.</p> <p>I will never let anyone tell me that animals do not have souls! We could learn alot from animals about unconditional love, that is what Jesus came to teach us and one of his tools, is a animal who loves you so unconditionally that it peirces the hardest hardened heart!</p>
Thu, 01/10/2013 - 14:03

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