Love, Sweet Love

Love, Sweet Love
October 21, 2016 by Modern Cat Magazine

How to make this day special for your one true love? (Sorry boyfriend, it's the cat.) Battersea Cattery in London is celebrating by having a Feline Lonely Hearts Club day, with prospective new cat owners filling out a matchmaking quiz and then meeting eligible kitties for adoption. Certainly, if you've got your own lonely heart, adopting a kitty or spending some time volunteering at a shelter can chase the blues away.

If you've already given your heart away, then you might consider sending your kitty a gift of catnip (like Supercat's handy Catnip Markers) or pick up a new toy and have some quality time together (loving Neko Flies' designs).  If you're looking for a gift for a cat-loving lady, we suggest this customizable cat necklace (ladies, remember that real men love cats). Need a last minute e-card to get back into someone's good graces? Try out these fun e-cards from Sloppy Kisses. Another great idea? A gift subscription to Modern Cat magazine - but then, we're biased!

Happy Valentine's Day to our (smart, funny and very good-looking) Modern Cat fans! 

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