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Coziest Cats

One of the best things about cats is how cozy they make you feel -- what could be better than a good book, a cup of tea, and a snuggly cat curled up beside you? Here are some of the coziest cats we've seen submitted through our Photo Contest! more

Cat Eyes: Best Of

Here at Modern Cat Magazine we see a lot of beautiful kitty photos submitted to our Photo Contest! Many of them have really gorgeous eyes-- featured below are some of our favourites. more

Your New Kitten Survival Guide—Kitten Prep 101

Follow these steps to seamlessly welcome your new kitten into your home! (This goes for newly adopted adult cats too) more

The Cat With 1.4 Million Followers

Blue eyes, fluffy cheeks, and a great personality: White Coffee Cat, a crazy-adorable, cancer-surviving cat, is way more popular than pretty much everyone you know more

Tricia Helfer Knows Cats—and she wants to help you understand them too

Tricia Helfer—actress, supermodel, and serious cat person—answers your most pressing cat questions more

Holy Guacamole!

Talking cats and books with Skippyjon Jones creator Judy Schachner more

DIY Craft: Wonderful Cat Wand Toy

Making a wand toy is easier than you think! Here’s the how-to for this deceptively simple, super-cute, cat-approved toy! more

Kitten Emojis!

Pop culture symbolism meets the stars of the Internet more

Cat-tastic Décor

Finds to thrill both you and your cat more

Fantastic Beasts

Prepare to be completely charmed by the Berkley Bestiary. Portland, Oregon-based husband and wife duo Ryan and Lucy Berkley are behind the collection,...more


Cat of the Week!

Meet: Stradivari