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Top 10 Articles of 2014

Best Articles of 2014

10) 5 Ways to Help a Semi-Feral Cat Adjust to a Domestic Home We’ve got a great guide for helping a semi-feral cat adjust to his new life with you. Great...more
Camouflage Cats

Camouflage Cats

Every cat needs a little time alone sometimes more
Nap Champs

Nap Champs

These kitties take bedtime positioning seriously—even when they're caught more
Kitties in Blankies

Kitties in Blankies

1) Butternut    2) Moss   3) Panda Bear   4) Elephant   5) KiKi   6) Zeke   7) Spike   8) Tyrion   9) Trixie   10) Stripers...more
Cats in Boxes

Boxes are a Cat's Best Friend

1. Ki-Ke   2. Peaches   3. Neptune   4. Abby   5. Binx   6. Oliver   7. Dixie   8. Sugar    9. Taz   10. Skittles   11. Pearl   more
Cats and Christmas

Cats and Christmas

Olive Luna Bandit Jupiter Sparky Moses Hestia Nala Queen Jelly Bean more
Even More Christmas Cats

Even More Christmas Cats!

Bella Spyder Mumford Marley Graycie Silas Janky Mr. Spock Nathan Thomas more
More Christmas Cats

More Christmas Cats!

Mewmew Sylvia Nugget Azzy Jackson Lola Simba Oliver more
Christmas Cats

Christmas Cats!

Luna Big Papi Sir George Felix Snuffles Marlin Shadow Nalla more

Modern Cat Staff Cats Open Presents

Our resident product testers recently got to experience the joy of receiving their own KitNipBoxes (lucky cats, we know!). Follow their journeys through the...more


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