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We know how devastating it is to lose a cherished feline friend so we created this space for posting memorial tributes to cats that have crossed the rainbow bridge. Click here to post a tribute or click here to find resources to help you cope with your loss. And remember that life is a circle and true love forever.

All that we love deeply becomes a part of us.—Helen Keller

There is no death. Only a change of worlds.—Chief Seattle

Memorial Tributes

(August 11, 2005 - June 6, 2016)
By Angela Clattenburg
As a stray for the year and a half that I had him he brought so much laughter into our lives.He has a story but not enough room on here to tell.He is my Angel
(July 22, 2015 - July 11, 2016)
By wardah waqar
world's most loving cat . my dody ka pody, mashumi,mithoo <3. plz come back
(November 15, 2014 - February 25, 2015)
By Josh and Norman
Our sweet baby boy passed away from FIP without having a chance to enjoy life. At just weeks old he was rescued and bottle fed by a foster family, saving his life. He beat the odds and chose us for... Read More
(February 18, 2010 - July 14, 2016)
By Dave D
My little man, my big boy Termite passed away a few days ago. He is my best friend and my good son. I have never met anyone more loyal and loving than him. I miss you Termite!
(April 3, 2001 - December 21, 2014)
By Ginny Killila
I adopted Cosmo from PetsMart. They said he was 8 weeks old, but it turned out he was really 6 weeks! He was my sweet boy, and I miss him very much.


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