Fave Finds

Fave Finds
Motorola Blink 1

Nothing replaces being able to be at home with your pets all the time, but Motorola is helping you check in on your pets, even when you are away with the Motorola Scout 1. Ever wonder what your cats get up to when you aren't home? With this wireless webcam you can check in on your pets through a desktop computer, or a mobile or tablet device. You can remotely swivel the camera, so if placed in a good spot, you can see the entire room. It also tells you the temperature, so you can be sure (especially in the extremely hot and cold months) that your little buddy is comfortable. There is a speaker on the webcam, as well, so you are able to talk through it, if need be. This camera is a great way to check in on your pets when you can't physically be there. Available at Petsmart

Cartoon-a-Day Calendar

This super cute and silly Cat Cartoon-a-Day calendar from Andrews McMeel Publishing features charming cartoons about the varying personalities and quirks of our best feline friends! Jonny Hawkins depicts all of the dramatically different ways our cats surprise and enchant us. Share your cat love all year long.

Lordly Puss Slanted Shallow Cat Bowl

This Obelisk Slanted Shallow Cat Bowl from Felli Pet makes for a lovely feeding surface for your little bud. The shallow design is whisker-friendly, and the slanted position makes for a comfortable feline dining experience. The fact that the bowl is called the "Lordly Puss" is just an incredible bonus.

UPDATED: There seems to be an issue with finding these for purchase on Felli Pet's website, so if you are looking to buy one, you can find it here: http://www.puuttypower.com/servlet/the-524/Felli-Pet,-Felli-Pet/Detail

Have an original oil painting created from a photo of your cat
Richard Finger Pet Paintings

Rick Finger Paintings are a lovely way to honour your best feline friend. These paintings are expertly painted from a photo of your cat (no digitization here!) by Mr. Finger himself. He has made is really easy to get a gorgeous painting of your cat. His website offers tips for the best ways to take a good photo of your cat in order to produce the absolute best portrait of Mr. Whiskers. It makes a great Christmas gift for the cat lover in your life! -tc

It's Raining Cats Umbrella

Let these kitties keep you dry in a downpour and prepare for the autumn rain in style with this adorable cat print umbrella from Mod Cloth. Show off your cat love, even when it is grey and cloudy!


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