Fave Finds

Fave Finds
My Four Cats Designs

My Four Cats Designs is offering aesthetically pleasing yet wonderfully functional products for your cats homey needs. The beautiful Cat Cottages (pictured above) come in a variety of colours and can be adorned by personalized name plates to perfectly fit your unique kitty's personality. 

In addition to the Cat Cottages, My Four Cats Designs also offers their Cat Trees, unique and beautiful scratching posts. As well as Cat Chalets - outdoor PVC or treated Pine cat houses for those whose cats prefer the great outdoors and don't always come back inside the house each night. All of the My Four Cats Designs products are not only functional for your furry friends but also lovely to look at. Check them out and kick your home decor up a notch all while making your feline companion happy as can be. 

Luuup Litterbox

The Luuup Litterbox is an example of what great things can be accomplished through crowdfunding! Backed by over 14,000 people on Kickstarter, Luuup is the #1 pet product in Kickstarter history. It's not difficult to see why, the innovative sifting and stacking design makes litter box cleanup and maintenance a breeze, and can we also mention how stylish these are? You can head over to the Luuup website to see a demo video of how the system works. The litter box game has officially been changed!



Endre Penovác Art

To say that Endre Penovác makes beautiful art is an understatement. A Master of Fine Art, Penovác's work is on display across the globe in both exhibitions and private collections. His workshops and demos of his luscious watercolour technique are also in demand all over the world. Our favourite pieces of Endre Penovác's art are most definitely the beautiful portraits of cats! If you, like us, can't get enough of these gorgeous watercolour cats you can follow Endre on Instagram or go visit his website where many of his pieces are up for sale! - KE

Galison Gifts for Animal Lovers

Take a look at these sweet animal themed accessories! Galison offers an array of adorable animal themed gifts, such as notebooks, porcelain trays, art books, stickers and puzzles. We love the artsy pet portrat style of these goodies up for grabs! They would make excellent gifts for any animal lovers in your life - yourself included! - KE

Meowijuana Catnip and Toys

The folks at Meowijuana say that they are the company for "cats who need the weed". Don't worry though, there's nothing illegal about the goods delivered by Meowijuana! What they do deliver is organic, high-quality catnip grown in Southern California and Washington. They also provide a fun range of catnip toys and accessories for your furry friend, as well as tshirts and stickers for the humans! Meowijuana shares information on their website explaining the science behind catnip and some helpful tips for the best ways for your cat enjoy their catnip experience. If your cats are the type who "need the weed" give Meowijunana a look for your catnip needs! - KE


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