Fave Finds

Fave Finds
dog dare

If I could wear this shirt every day, I would. With an adorably feisty kitty and ultra-soft fabric, this go-to top from Shred My Couch will have people talking.

nextgen pet

Thought natural clumping cat litters were always expensive? Think again! Next Gen Pet offers a range of litters that are not just economical (with a litter for every pocketbook) but also leave a natural, fresh scent in your home! Their long lasting, natural cat litter solution is made from hinoki cypress wood, is lightweight, and forms firm clumps. We dig it—and your cat will too (literally). - RC

window kitty

Your cat deserves the best seat in the house, and she'll likely find it even if you don't offer it! To save yourself from destroyed windowsills and blinds, WindowKitty has designed a window seat that provides your cat a safe space to curl up and watch the world go by. - RC


Your cat is going to love this one. The V-Playstation from Vesper has all the things your cat loves: multiple scratching surfaces, a soft cusion, and a ball toy. But here's why we think it's so great: the small size hardly takes up any space in your home, yet can be turned in various positions, each offering your cat a new and exciting place to play. Attractive and practical? Yes please! - RC




Your cat's health is always a priority, and supplements are a great way of ensuring they get everything they need. With Vetalogica's line of Cat Supplements you know you're cat is always getting scientifically formulated blends of supplements that never contain corn, wheat, grain or artificial colours and flavouring! - RC


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