Fave Finds

Fave Finds
raw cat food

Tried feeding your cat raw food? If she's anything like my cat, she'll love it. With Rad Cat's Raw Food Diet you know you're feeding your cat a grain-free, protein rich meal that comes with all kinds of health benefits (like healthy skin and coat, weight management, and naturally clean teeth.) Two paws up!


This ergonomic, spill-free, food-grade Torus water bowl from Heyrex ($60) filters and stores your cat’s water so she always has a fresh, clean supply! Its innovative design stores water in the bowl’s hollow walls, protecting the water from contaminants and auto replenishes as your cat drinks. Its low profile means no spills and its valve-lock feature makes it a perfect travel companion! 


Comfortable, portable, easy to clean—that's the Snappy Snoozer! This inflatable bed won't lose its shape, and the removeable cover slips off whenever washing is necessary. We love that it can be conveniently packed away for travelling, or just to keep a tidier home! 


Made with only one ingredient—high fibre organic coconut—Cocotherapy's Hairball Plus helps with your cat's digestive system. By helping your cat pass hairballs through her system you end up with far fewer left on your household floor. Coconut does plenty of other good for your cat too! It helps with her immune system, supports healthy skin and coat, and supports a healthy weight.


This mop is a lifesaver! The Bissell PowerFresh Deluxe Steam Mop is a hard surface steam cleaner that uses the natural power of steam to clean and sanitize your floors easily, eliminating 99.9% of germs and bacteria when used as directed. The on-board SpotBOOST brush scrubs away tough, sticky messes, while the Spring Breeze scent discs leave your rooms smelling as clean as your floors. Pet owners will truly understand and appreciate the beauty of this handy mop! - RC


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