Fave Finds

Fave Finds

Zaworski Art creates custom works of art that feature your favourite subject—your cat! Because there's no better way to decorate a room than a unique portrait of your best furry friend, particularly ones as lifelike and beautiful as these. - RC


It's a cat scratcher shaped like a mouse's head, how could your cat not love it? The Rattino cat scratcher from Cattino—handmade from Baltic Birch—will satisfy all your cat's scratching needs, while maintaining the age-old feud between cat and mouse! - RC


For the fiesty, environment-loving cats in your life look no further than Beco Pets Cat Toys! These adorable little creatures (Freddie the fish, Bertie the budgie or Millie the mouse) are stuffed with recycled plastic bottles and catnip, but are also durably made to stand up to your ferocious feline! - RC

Christmas Tree Defender

If your household contains cats and plants then you've probably come home to find a floor covered in dirt (a less than desirable situation!) To help protect your plants, pets and home, Christmas Tree Defenders have created a unique system that covers the dirt and base of plant, yet still allows you to easily water your flora—genius! - RC

Sojos Salmon

There's nothing like a little salmon to get your cats excited! Especially when that salmon has been carefully freeze-dried to lock in all the natural enzymes, vitamins, minerals and flavour. And with no artificial additives you can feel good rewarding your cat with these delicious treats! - RC


Cat of the Week!

Meet: Sugar