Fave Finds

Fave Finds
snappy tom

Cats love real fish, no question. They're big on the taste, owners are big on the health benefits. Snappy Tom's line of cat food is made with real fish, plus vitamins, minerals, and taurine, so you'll both feel great about it. And with their variety of flavours, even the fussiest of eaters will find something to tickle their fancy! Nom nom.


This is our kind of ear bling. So whimsical and sweet, these cat earrings from Catmadecom are all handmade and hand-painted in the heart of Siberia. Tons of vibrant colours and designs to choose from—we want them all, but will settle for the cattastic Ziggy Stardust stud!

peace love

There are a few things we need in life: peace, love, and cats. Summing up these necessities is this adorable top from For Animal's Sake. Not just guaranteed to make you look good, the shirt will also make you feel good: For each t-shirt sold, 30% of the sale price is donated to an animal welfare group or non-profit to help homeless, abused, or abandoned animals. Ordered yours yet?

dog dare

If I could wear this shirt every day, I would. With an adorably feisty kitty and ultra-soft fabric, this go-to top from Shred My Couch will have people talking.

nextgen pet

Thought natural clumping cat litters were always expensive? Think again! Next Gen Pet offers a range of litters that are not just economical (with a litter for every pocketbook) but also leave a natural, fresh scent in your home! Their long lasting, natural cat litter solution is made from hinoki cypress wood, is lightweight, and forms firm clumps. We dig it—and your cat will too (literally). - RC


Cat of the Week!

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