Fave Finds

Fave Finds
Sleepypod Sheep Charm

This absolutely adorable sheep collar charm will add even more cute to your cat (if that is even possible!). Sleepypod's collar charms are made from 18k gold plated or stainless steel. Made to last and look fantastic, these pendants are a great addition to your cat's collar! -tc


Cat hair all over your house is inevitable, but SwiPets gloves make it much more manageable. The glove works on virtually any surface and is machine washable, so when it gets coated in hair, simply throw it in the wash and it's good to go again! It's a fast and easy way to pick up the excess fur that is in your home.


If your cat is travelling with you this holiday season, Fluffy will need a good carrier. The SturdiBag from Sturdi Products is a great carrier that is prefect for travelling in a plane, car, or on foot. Your cat will be comfortable and safe in the SturdiBag. It is also collapsable, so when it is not in use, it doesn't take up much space!

Bambú Hammock

I haven't met a cat who doesn't love hanging out on comfy furniture, and this Bambú Hammock from Pet Lounge Studios is specifically designed with your cat in mind. The suspended sleeping surface responds to your cat's body weight which helps relieve many of the pressure points that create discomfort and often lead to arthritis, resulting in a happier kitty. -LC

Ugly Christmas Sweater

Get in the holiday spirit with this "ugly Christmas sweater" with super cute cats on it from Etsy seller The Bold Banana. It is the perfect way to spread cat and holiday cheer!


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