Fave Finds

Fave Finds
For the debonair cat lover
Dashing Gentlemen Cat T-shirt

I can't put my finger on why I find this Dashing Gentelmen Cat T-shirt so delightful, but I do. Well-dressed, sophisticate cats are just something the world needs more of, I suppose. This shirt is available from Etsy seller Artisan Tees. -LC

Retro Cat Creamer

This Retro Cat Creamer could be a cute addition to your breakfast nook! Do people still have breakfast nooks? Perhaps. In any case, this adorable little piece could brighten up your kitchen table or tea time. Available in lime green, bright orange, and lemon yellow, from Etsy seller The Orange Oinker

Karma Infinity Scratcher

The Infinity Scratcher from Karma Products is getting a lot of attention and positive reviews from the Cat blogging world. It looks like a really interesting product for cats who love to scratch on all surfaces, and the reversible design means it will last longer than one-sided scratchers. It also makes a great lounge for your buddy, and the style is sleek and unique.  

Motorola Blink 1

Nothing replaces being able to be at home with your pets all the time, but Motorola is helping you check in on your pets, even when you are away with the Motorola Scout 1. Ever wonder what your cats get up to when you aren't home? With this wireless webcam you can check in on your pets through a desktop computer, or a mobile or tablet device. You can remotely swivel the camera, so if placed in a good spot, you can see the entire room. It also tells you the temperature, so you can be sure (especially in the extremely hot and cold months) that your little buddy is comfortable. There is a speaker on the webcam, as well, so you are able to talk through it, if need be. This camera is a great way to check in on your pets when you can't physically be there. Available at Petsmart

Cartoon-a-Day Calendar

This super cute and silly Cat Cartoon-a-Day calendar from Andrews McMeel Publishing features charming cartoons about the varying personalities and quirks of our best feline friends! Jonny Hawkins depicts all of the dramatically different ways our cats surprise and enchant us. Share your cat love all year long.


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