George Bailey

George Bailey the cat

After being abandoned at the Helen Woodward Animal Center on Christmas Eve 2013, 7 year old George Bailey (the cat) is gaining recognition all over the...more
Momma cat hugs kitten

Video of the Day - Momma cat hugs kitten

Lil Bub Climbs Stairs

Video of the Day - Lil Bub Climbs Stairs

Lil Bub's Magical Yule Log

Video of the Day - Lil Bub's Magical Yule Log

A Cat's Guide to Christmas

Video of the Day - A Cat's Guide to Christmas

Roar with Kittens

Video of the Day - Folk cover of "Roar" with kittens

This may just be one of the best covers of Katy Perry's smash hit "Roar." Not only is it a beautiful version of the song itself, artist Kate Davis filmed the...more
Exercise with your cats

Video of the Day - How to exercise with your cats

Get in shape with the help of your cats! more
Cats in Boxes

Video of the Day - Cats in Boxes!

Leopardus tigrinus

New species of wild cat discovered

According to National Geographic, scientists recently found a new species of tigrina living in northeastern Brazil. Previously thought to be the same species...more
Cat Tunnel Couch

The Couch Designed for Your Cat

Cats are on the rise, there is no doubt about that and Korean designers Yongjeh Park and Kangkyoung Lee are working to create an attractive and functional...more


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