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Meet: Charlie

Exotic Shorthair
Keesha Stevenson
Toronto, Canada

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Hello, my name is Charlie. Sorry, thats Prince Charlie to you. I was named after Charlie Weasley, a character from the "Harry Potter" books,  who I am told looks just like me. He must be a very handsome man indeed! I am also told, on a daily basis, that i am the most adorable cat ever by the lovely girl who feeds me and borrows my bed. in fact, she says this so often that it's getting a tad annoying. but only a tad. my favourite toys include toilet paper, stamp rolls, my big brother O.B, the dog, and most especially: bugs. I do love bug hunting! and my favourite activity is running from one end of the hall to the other, and making the humans think that a baby elephant has gotten into the house. I am quite good at this. 

2 years
Charlie boy, baybee, Little boy
Bugs,cat trees, stamp rolls, toilet paper, paper towel, food!
when the dog eats the bug i am currently hunting.
Favorite Foods: 
everything. but especially turkey.
Favorite Pastimes: 
running, chasing things (anything that moves, really) climbing, jumping

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