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Meet: Bebe kitten and O'Behr

domestic mix
Kelsey (kat) Thornton
now in Salem,ma

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This mother and son duo are my favorite friend's. They love each other and there's no place bear would rather be then annoying or snuggling with his mother bebe! Bebe isn't very happy around most cat's but her favorite friend is her funny 2 year old son. She's either cleaning him or putting him in his place when he gets a little feisty playing. He loves his mother, total mama's boy! He actually cries at the door and tries to open the door knob if Bebe is in a room with the door shut.

4 and 2
see each of there personal profile entry's for those
bear likes everything food while Bebe just loves to snuggle up to you and kiss and lick you till it hurts lol
mean cats
Favorite Foods: 
bear will eat anything, while Bebe loves popsicles and cat treats!
Favorite Pastimes: 
snuggling and playing

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