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Meet: Cupcake

Flame point Simease
Donna Klohn
Longview, TX

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I rescued Cupcake a year ago. He was extremely ill and Malnourished. He was given a 5% chance of survival. After many small surgeries and 2 major surgeries Cupcake is living life to the fullest. He loves his babies and giving hugs and kisses. He will grab my cheeks and pull me in for a hug. He hadcan incredible will to live and lives life to the fullest every day.

The Cake, Cake-A-Saurous
Belly rubs, hugs and kisses, his bed and babies
Do not mess with his babies
Favorite Foods: 
Proplan canned cat food, Muse dry Cat food, temptations treats
Favorite Pastimes: 
Hoarding toys in his bed, bird watching, watching Nine Lives the movie

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