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Meet: Eddie

Indianapolis, Indiana

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Hi! My name is Eddie, but my Mommy and Daddy call me prince, little guy, and bupp bupp. I love playing fetch with bottle caps (soda caps are my favorite), watching movies on my eddiePad, and snuggling with my brothers. I am usually pretty quiet, but Mommy and Daddy make fun of my snoring. I know all my nicknames, I can give high fives, and I love to cuddle all the time! I love you! 

4 1/2
Prince, Noodle, bupp bupp, buppy, Eddie spaghetti, little guy, boop, lovebug
Bottle caps, sunshine, Mommy's hair, iPads (eddiePads), green grass, warm blankets, cuddling
Mommy and Daddy going to work, baths, car rides
Favorite Foods: 
Chicken, tuna, cheese, beef, and anything Mommy and Daddy give me!
Favorite Pastimes: 
Window gazing, playing with my brothers, fetching bottle caps

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