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Meet: Leopold

British Longhair
Kat De Laet
Leuven, Belgium

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This little one is Leopold, our 7 month old British Longhair. He was born in England but now lives in Belgium with his shorthair brother and love playing and especially eating! He is a real fluffy cat with pretty short paws, so he tries to make big jumps but usually fails. If there is something he adores, it's getting belly rubs. He is so sweet, and a purrmachine at that.

7 months
Leo, Fluffy worm, Hairy Baby
Playing with his brother, EATING, kneading his blanket, getting belly rubs
Getting baths when he has a dirty butt, losing to his brother, not having food in his bowl
Favorite Foods: 
Animonda kitten food, fresh salmon and cooked chicken
Favorite Pastimes: 
Eating, sleeping, chasing toys around, tripping his humans

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