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Meet: Miss Tuxie Ann Mistofflees

Domestic Long Hair Tuxedo
Alli Johnson
Midwest City, Oklahoma

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I was born a feral cat in the back alley of where my Mom works. I had a very bad case of ring worm, ear mites, and eye problems when I was 4 weeks old along with my brothers and sisters.  Mom nursed us back to health and moved me into her home when I was 8 weeks old.  I am now the lone survivor of my litter of five.  I live with my Aunt Sox and my Half Sister Pawz. You can visit me on our facebook page at

4 years (born on July 27, 2013)
Tuxie, TuxieAnn, TuxAnna, AnnaNana, Little Ann
Being Close to Mom Alli, chasing the red dot, playing with my toys, eating
My sister Pawz chasing me(I growl at her), the vacuum cleaner
Favorite Foods: 
Fancy Feast Grilled Chicken & Grilled Chicken & Cheese, Chicken Temptations
Favorite Pastimes: 
Suckling on Mom's Ear (if she'll let me, mol)

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