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Meet: Muffins

Norwegian Forrest cat and Ragdoll mix

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Muffins is a weird little bugger. She's the most loyal to her owner and protects her family.Muff doesn't bite or attack anybody and turns into a fabulous host whenever we have guests, Muff knows how to sit down, currently I'm training her to stay still and wait while receiving her candy. Apart from candy she also loves to join in on the bath tub whenever her owner is taking a bath. Using her paws like a spoon she dips it in the tub and plays around in the water. Weirdo.

Muff, Puff, Fluff, Fluffins, Puffins
Candy,water, licking on Mittens to make him annoyed (her "brother" from another mother) , running near her owner preferably around the house, inspecting weird things, getting attention
Being forced to cuddle when there's interesting things around, the vacuum cleaner, food that Mittens licked off all jelly on, having to share stuff like toys
Favorite Foods: 
Chicken, preferably fresh from the oven, ham

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