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Meet: Smokey

Jessica Duty
Albion, Indiana

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Smokey has 7 toes on both his front paws. It makes him unique in so many ways. They even make him look a lot cuter.

He is about 4 months old and is alreadypretty big. We expect he will be a huge cat.

He likes to cuddle. He likes to be wrapped in a blanket and held like a baby. His favorite thing to do is drink water out of the sink faucet. It's the only way he will drink his water. He isn't afraid of water but loves it. He's an odd kitten for sure. 

4 months
Smokes, smokers, ash
His yarn ball, his sister, water, having his picture taken and getting in the shower.
He likes everything.
Favorite Foods: 
Cat snacks.
Favorite Pastimes: 
Looking out the window, playing with our pit bull.

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