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Meet: Wolfie Wolfman

Marbled Bengal
Deb Dover

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Wolfie is a marbled Bengal born in June 2009. When I saw his adoption photo, it was love at first sight! But he was 3000 miles away. Pet Airways flew from CA to NY but he escaped before getting to the plane. Nine days later, he was found! Wolfie is very special. He has tons of personality, talks a lot (he really says 'Mama'), and is totally cute. His velvety fur has stripes & swirls on the top and spots underneath. Website:

4 years old
Woof Woof
Playing, snuggling in bed, sleeping in the sun
His brother, Ralphie, chasing him
Favorite Foods: 
Any kind of snackies
Favorite Pastimes: 
Playing, snuggling in bed, sleeping in the sun

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