Star cat Photo Contest Entry - Azou

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Meet: Azou

Maggie Shuter
Montreal, QC

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Azou is a Kitten Mill survivor that I adopted and and the most amazing and lovable boy! He truly shines when being admired. He and 14 others were transferred to my purebred rescue called He was so badly neglected that it destroyed the tissue around his bum. With daily cleaning and constant monitoring of his food, he is living a happy healthy life with one flaw, he can't control his farts! Although it dosen't bother him, I often find myself explaining "Its not me its the cat!".
4 years
Zu, Zu Zu, Zuzie, Za Zoo, Love muffin
Soo many!!..Being rescued, reaching out a paw to say hello, touching nose to finger, sitting on a lap, snuggling his face in your arm, being petted, brushed, fed, and going places.
Kitten Mills, deep bowls, being away from people
Favorite Foods: 
Crazy for Coconut oil and Fancy Feast
Favorite Pastimes: 
Hide and Seek, fetching a crunchy ball, playing with his furr dog sister Meghan, annoying his furr sister Sagwa

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