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PureBites Mixers

PureBites new wet cat food mixers have been tried and tested by Modern Cat expert tasters! Office cats Harry, Burton, Domino, and Ivy have generously tried out PureBites' new Wild Skipjack Tuna and Wild Alaskan Salmon in Water flavour, and it's safe to say that they are all obsessed. more

Let your cat "hunt" her meal

My cat is constantly waking me up early demanding food and must be bored stiff during the day. The NoBowl Feeding System is inspired by nature and based on...more
Oven Baked Tradition

Oven Baked Tradition

The difference is in the baking! Make mealtimes delicious with Oven-Baked Tradition Cat Food. Developed with a holistic philosophy, this all natural cat food...more
raw diet

Rad Cat Raw Food Diet

Tried feeding your cat raw food? If she's anything like my cat, she'll love it. With Rad Cat's Raw Food Diet you know you're feeding your cat a grain-free,...more

Oven-Baked Cat Food

Your cat will love Oven-baked Tradition cat food! Made with fish or chicken and available for cats in all stages of life, this tasty cat food is packed with...more

Ciao Grilled Fillets

Made from hand-cut, responsibly harvested tuna or farm-raised chicken, these tasty cat treats are lightly grilled and vacuum packed in a savory seafood or...more
pet curean

Summit Complete Health Cat Food

Aren't cats the best? We sure think so, and their food should reflect that! With Petcurean's Summit Cat food you're feeding your cat a taste she'll love (...more

Snappy Tom: "Real Fish for Real Cats"

Snappy Tom is an iconic Australian brand that was launched over 40 years ago in 1965 in Adelaide. It quickly became Australia's favorite cat food by offering...more
Wireless Whiskers Automatic Feeder

Wireless Whiskers Automatic Feeder

One of my two amazing cats tends towards the chubby side, and so I love Wireless Whiskers' Automatic Feeder! This feeder has doors that open up only for the...more
Wetnoz Cat Dish

Wetnoz Cat Dish

Finding a whisker-friendly dish that looks nice in your home can be a challenge. These super cute and colourful cat dishes from Wetnoz are a purrfect solution...more


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