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Tech catz

Tech Savvy Cats

Our world is becoming increasingly tech-dependent, and everyone needs to be at their computers, televisions, or iPhones! These tech savvy kitties don't appear to be an exception.   more

Grumpy Cats

Let's face it -- there's just something so funny and relatable about a grumpy cat. We hope these cranky-looking guys turn your frown's upside-down if you're having a bad day! more
Blinkin' and Hefty

Blind Shelter Kitten and "Guide Cat" Best Friend Will Melt Your Heart

Meet Blinkin' and Hefty. Blinkin' is a blind kitten who has found his best friend and guide, Hefty. These two are a bonded pair looking for their forever home...more
Cat Logic

Cat Logic

via Cole and Marmalade more
Physics Cats!

Physics Cats!

via Funnycatsandnicefish more
Christmas Cats

Christmas Cats!

Luna Big Papi Sir George Felix Snuffles Marlin Shadow Nalla more
Thanksgiving Cats

Thanksgiving Cats

Dobby is thankful for Dobby-sized boxes Porter is thankful for the power of the written word Fenway is thankful for new friendships that will surely last a...more
The Pumpkin Patch!

The Pumpkin Patch!

Pumpkin Pumpkin Little Pumpkin Pumpkin Pumpkin Pumpkin Punkin Pumpkin Pumpkin  Punkin Pumpkin   more
Modern Cat Memes

Even More Modern Cat Memes

Cats in Windows

Cats in Windows

Mishu Honey Arya Lincoln Miabella Anna Timmie Leo and Picatso Mia Singh Lumen Sir Tungsten Maxwell of East Hill more


Cat of the Week!

Meet: Rademenes