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Kitty Corral Cat Fence Kit

Kitty Corral Cat Fence Kit

Many cats enjoy playing outside, and being in nature gives them a great opportunity to smell new scents, exercise, and explore. But as a cat owner, you also want to make sure your cat is safe—without a good fence, she could run off or get attacked by a dog or coyote. A cheap and easy solution to this is Easy Pet Fence's Cat Fence Kits! more

KRUUSE Catmosphere

If you have a kitty of your own, you know that cats are hunters by nature! But they don't have to hunt birds or wild game... entertain your fuzzy pal's hunting instincts by filling the awesome Kruuse Catrine Catmosphere Treat Ball with your cat's favourite treats! more


WindowKitty, a comfortable cat-tunnel that you can attach to your window, creates space on windowsills where little or none may exist. Made for your cat's relaxation, WindowKitty provides a private and secure place for your kitty to enjoy the view in comfort! more

MAYA MEOW Cat Collars by Color Pet Products

These gorgeous, unique cat collars by Color Pet Products are handwoven and rainbow-bright, complete with nickel-plated D-rings and a break-away "Kitty Klip", which is countoured for comfort. more
CURIO cat boxes

CURIO, the Modern Cat Litter Box

These handsome litter boxes by CURIO can be used either as a modern cat litter box solution or as a cat house! Blending beautifully into your living space, CURIO boxes are both gorgeous and practical, built from real wood that is pre-finished and water resistant for easy-cleaning. more
Homeopathy book

Practical Handbook of Veterinary Homeopathy

The Practical Handbook of Veterinary Homeopathy: Healing Our Companion Animals from the Inside Out by Wendy Thacher Jensen, D.V.M., is a great introduction to homeopathy for animals. This fascinating book advocates for the reduction of animals' dependence on medication by introducing pet owners to homeopathic methods. more
Sweet Pickles Slumber Party Pet Bed

Slumber Party Pet Beds by Sweet Pickles Designs

We love Sweet Pickles Designs, and have previously featured their adorable printed bow ties in our Spring/Summer 2017 issue! Right now we're also really loving their brand new  Slumber Party Pet Beds, which come in gorgeous graphic prints including "Black Bird", "Folklore", and "Garden Floral". more
My Four Cats Designs

My Four Cats Designs

My Four Cats Designs more
Ripple Rug

Ripple Rug from Snuggly Cat

Ripple Rug from Snuggly Cat more
Cats Incredible Litter

Cats Incredible Litter

Minimal dusting, easy to pour and quick clumping - you are going to love everything about Cats Incredible Litter! Even better than that, this is the only...more


Cat of the Week!

Meet: Stradivari