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Hiding Illness

When is Your Cat Hiding Illness or Injury?

Sometimes Signs of Pain and Sickness Go Unnoticed more
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Veterinary Dermatologists Help Pets Look and Feel Their Best

Taking care of their skin is important to overall health more

Gassy Pets?

Excessive tooting may be a problem... more
Vet Cat

Feline Upper Respiratory Infections

How to spot, treat and avoid URIs in your cat  more
Cats Need Entertainment

Every Cat Needs Some Entertainment

Cats are curious creatures that love to run, climb, hunt and play. Providing entertainment and activities for your cat keeps them healthier and helps reduce...more

Care for Wounds and Irritated Skin

It may not be a glamourous topic, but keeping your cat clean when they hurt is important, especially with eye irritations and any cuts or scratches. Vetericyn...more


We all struggle with giving our pets their medication. That's why we love GooFurr! This tasty paste is made from all-natural ingredients like wild-caught...more
Banixx Wound Care

Banixx Wound Care

Accidents happen, especially if you have a curious cat! Banixx Wound Care is made in the USA, it’s essential for the treatment of wounds, ear infections,...more

“Losin’ weight, Feline Great! with KittiSlim

A fresh new item on the market for Fall 2015 is KittiSlim, the multivitamin for “larger cats”.more

Help Keep your Pet Running and Jumping with Cosequin®

Have you heard of the joint health supplement Cosequin? Supporting and maintaining healthy joints and joint comfort, it can help your cat Jump, Pounce and Play...more


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