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Fall/Winter 2018

The Inner Life of Cats

Thomas McNamee

Acclaimed author Tom McNamee brings you into the hidden world of felines with the life story of his cat Augusta. The Inner Life of Cats dispels myths and addresses misunderstandings by way of scientific information interlaced with rich prose, humour, and cat love. McNamee has done his homework: he helps us understand a cat’s perspective of the world and what they are trying to tell us. For instance, a cat can have eloquent ears, expressive eyes, and talkative tails—if you know what to look for.

A prolific nature writer, Thomas McNamee has been published in The New York Times and The Washington Post, to name a few, and is the recipient of a 2016 Guggenheim Memorial Foundation fellowship. This, his latest offering, was spurred by his adopted black kitten Augusta, who inspired years of study of her species.

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Fall/Winter 2018

Secret Language of Cats

Susanne Schötz

Do you ever wish you could read your cat’s mind? We all know our feline companions can sometimes be complicated and confounding, going from hot to cold in the blink of an eye. Luckily there’s a new cat-to-human translation book that’s ready to explain the intricacies of the feline mind—The Secret Language of Cats offers insights to every meow, hiss, yowl and chirp, helping you understand exactly what your cat has been trying to tell you this whole time! Get this book and learn practical communication tips and start building a healthier, happier relationship with your cat.

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Fall/Winter 2018

Gem-Bem and the Mystery of the Ball of Branches

Christiane D'Aoust

Does your child love captivating mysteries? Gem-Bem and the Mystery of the Ball of Branches is a must-read, encompassing both animal facts and values of true friendship and community.

Gem-Bem, a gentle and friendly domestic cat, lives with her human family and shares adventures with friends in the woods surrounding her Quebec home. Along with her best friend Chardé they experience humour and happiness, surprise and fear. These two adventurers meet a group of rabbits, witness the near-drowning of raccoon kits, and discover a strange ball of branches in the forest-—leaving the reader wondering if the mystery will be solved…

This wonderful tale is full of information about the natural world and also contains examples of good moral practice, making it ideal for children ages 9-12.

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Fall/Winter 2018

Big Cats, Little Cats: A Visual Guide to the World’s Cats

Jim Medway

Is the little cat-lover in your life ready to become a cat expert? Aimed at children ages three to seven, the lovely Big Cats, Little Cats is the perfect visual introduction to every cat species in the world.

Little ones will love the illustrations of all types of cats, from house cat breeds to rare and large wild cats from around the globe. Paired with a kitten and cub identifier and an extensive index full of interesting facts about every breed and species, this is a super fun and educational read for the whole family!

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Fall/Winter 2018

Feral Attraction

Eileen Watkins

When a colony of stray cats takes over a condo community in Chadwick, New Jersey, the development residents are determined to get rid of the cats—by any means necessary. Opposing the condo residents are concerned cat groomer Cassie McGlone and her friends Dawn and Sabrina, who are desperate to protect the cats from harm. But after a heated community meeting, Sabrina is found dead in the woods. Cassie can’t help but feel suspicious when the death is labelled as an accident. Is Cassie correct in assuming that Sabrina has been murdered? And will she be able to catch the villain before it’s too late? This delightfully cozy mystery is a perfect rainy day read. So curl up with your cat and dig in!

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Fall/Winter 2018

A Catered Cat Wedding

Isis Crawford

In this mouth-watering mystery that includes a few recipes from the author’s Russian grandmother, two sisters run a catering business that specializes in weddings—even ones where the bride and groom have tails.

Suzie Katz wears cat’s-eye glasses, cat t-shirts, and cheetah-print outfits; she’s basically a fanatic for anything feline. Suzie decides to hold an extravagant wedding ceremony for her two Russian blues and invites her favourite two-legged enemies, including a rival cat breeder, a bird-loving neighbour, a local animal rights activist, and relatives who stand to inherit her considerable fortune. When nefarious shenanigans result in Suzie’s death, the sisters have to sniff out the killer. We devoured this fun cat-themed mystery.

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Fall/Winter 2018

Cat Paws

Pie International

This adorable little book comprises 88 pages of feline photos guaranteed to make you smile and melt your heart. Cat Paws focuses on unique angle shots of Japan’s most Instagram-famous cats along with short profiles and paw prints of the 40 cats featured. There’s also fun trivia about how cats use their paws to express emotion. These unique shots will likely inspire amateur photographers. Follow on Instagram @cat_paws_book!

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Fall/Winter 2018

Something Worth Saving

Sandi Ward

Lily, the cat narrator of Something Worth Saving and Gretel, a retired police dog, are worried about their human family. Kevin misses his dad, who was kicked out months earlier. His sister Victoria has a cruel boyfriend who Lily despises. And why is Dad carrying his gun, even when he’s off-duty?

Lily and Gretel share the same goal: to keep their family safe and happy. Lily likes to joke that she isn’t sure how smart Gretel is, but she knows Gretel is fast, strong, protective of her humans, and extremely loyal. Not to give away any spoilers, but Gretel plays a big role in Something Worth Saving, and Lily is very grateful for her actions. 

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Fall/Winter 2018

Sylvia’s Big Adventure

Gary Herrmann

Sylvia, a frisky little cat with a grand sense of adventure will have readers rooting for her. Sylvia thinks she’s tough enough to brave the outside world, but, through a series of (mis)adventures, finds herself a long way from home. Will she make it back again? This story, told with humour and compassion, will keep readers young and old in suspense.

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Fall/Winter 2018

Fool’s Moon (A Tarot Cats Mystery)

Diane A.S. Stuckart

A bewitching blend of mystery, magic, and cats, Fool’s Moon is positively enchanting–I couldn’t put it down! Written with charm to spare, this compelling mystery will keep you turning the pages to see what becomes of tarot shop owner Ruby Sparks and her menagerie of special pets, including sibling cats with a talent for tarot cards. Charged with divining the truth about a murder, she finds herself in mortal danger in the process. Will Ruby, with the help of her animal friends, be able to solve the mystery before she becomes the next victim? You’ll have to read it to find out!

–Connie Wilson, Editor-in-Chief, Modern Cat magazine

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