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4 Heavenly Hideouts for your Shy Cat

These comfortable nooks offer your cat a peaceful haven to curl up and enjoy her much needed personal space

Your cat obviously loves spending time with you, but sometimes she needs to exert her independence! These four nooks provide your cat with cozy, enclosed spaces where she can be totally alone—but don’t worry, she’ll still come to you for cuddles. 


Super plush material, crinkly paper inside, and looks adorably like a cat? We’re all for the Neko Flies Sleeping bag, providing your cat the perfect place to burrow in private.


The ultra-plush padded base of Sleepypod’s Carrier will have your cat swooning! Designed so kitty can peek her head out to survey the house when she wants or stay tucked safely inside when she needs her down time. Perfectly versatile, this beautiful bag is also a travel carrier

It might be a struggle to lure your cat out of the Cat Ball. Its soft, flexible walls provide your cat just the amount of seclusion she needs, while its quirky shape and stunning prints add style to your home decor. Total winner!


For the cat who really needs her space there’s the DezRez KatKabin. Providing maximum privacy and the ultimate in comfort (with a padded inner pillow), this fun, feline design is just what your shy cat called for. 

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  • Petique

    Awesome! Mine is so comfy and got it from Petique Pets. My pet parent loves it because if folds for easy travel.

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