Plans this weekend? If you had ’em get ready to cancel, and if you didn’t, we’ve got 6 satisfying crafts and delicious recipes to keep you busy all weekend long! The fruits of your labour? Some incredibly cute, useful, and impressive goodies for your cat—and some irresistible treats.


#1 This versatile stamp can be used on all kinds of things! Dish towels, tote bags, tshirts or even thick paper to create bespoke wrapping paper. Modern and cats—you know we love it!

DIY Shirt


#2 The precision and dexterity required for this craft are totally worth the result. This ultra sweet pagami Tabby cat can be displayed anywhere you please. We’re thinking one for the office, bathroom, bedroom, car, living room, bicycle—too much?

origami cat


#3 Say it loud and say it proud with these cat-centric badges. Others may already be privy to your cat love from your cat-hair-covered clothes, but we’d recommend this as a slightly cuter alternative.

scout's honour


#4 Go retro with a vintage inspired cat bed. We’re betting your cat likes curling up in impossibly small spots—at least this one can also spruce up your home décor!

suitcase cat


#5 Worried about what’s going into your cat’s treats? You don’t have to be when you make ’em yourself, like with these healthy and easy to make treats.

DIY treats


#6 These tuna treats are so simple to make and offer your cat a cool down in the blistering summer heat—but we’re sure your cat will enjoy them year-round (did we mention tuna?!)