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9 Signs Your Cat Loves You

Signs of feline affection can be subtle or downright hard to read. Look for the following feline behaviours for confirmation your cat is totally into you.

# 1
Following You Around (Everywhere)

You hear the th-thud-thud of four paws hitting the floor when you stand up from the couch. You nearly take a tumble while carrying a large pot of water over to the sink because someone is underfoot. Or maybe you haven’t used the bathroom alone in years. All of these are signs that you are lucky enough to have a cat that doesn’t want to leave your side. This one is pretty clear-cut, but if your buddy is always following you around, you can bet that your cat loves you a whole bunch. Consider bringing him to your work, school, or other social functions—a built in conversation piece and amazing lifestyle choice all in one!

Signs that your cat loves you, Top signs of cat affection- cats rolling over and showing their belly # 2
Belly Up

A cat’s stomach is his most vulnerable spot. By showing you his belly, your cat is revealing that he is comfortable enough with you to be unguarded and at his most vulnerable. And if your cat rolls on his back and allows you to rub his tummy? You’ve hit the big time! This is the ultimate sign of trust. WARNING: A tummy rub can turn violent on a moment’s notice. You may have to live with some light scarring. Cats are capricious.

They Leave You “Gifts” (Also Known As Bringing You Dead Things)

Though these gifts might be of dubious distinction (or, yes, downright disgusting), do not chastise your cat for leaving you an offering. It is a sign of his esteem for you. When your cat drags the lifeless carcass of a small animal to your bedside, it can be difficult to take it as the compliment that it is, but it unequivocally means she is totally into you. Bringing you the “treat” of a dead mouse, dead bird, or, if you are luckier, the toy version of same, is sign that your cat thinks of you as family and wants to provide for you. Like all gifts, it’s the thought that counts; accept it graciously (once you’ve finished dry-heaving).

Signs that your cat loves you- Nuzzling cat signs of affection- how to tell if your cat is saying they love you# 4
Head Butts and Cheek Rubs

When you see your cat coming at you with her head cocked, brace yourself, you’re in store for a good head butt! Head butts are like a hug from your cat and are one way she tries to mix your scents together to cement your bond. Closely related to head butts are cheek rubs. If your cat is milling around your legs, try holding your hand (with a closed fist) near her head to see if she rubs her cheeks on your knuckles.
Both head butts and cheek rubs are self-guided pets that mean your cat is marking you as her own. Receive these with pride.

# 5
Visiting You for Nighttime Cuddles

Your best feline friend can be a secretive creature and will often not want to show his affections for his human to anyone—including you. As a result, your best cuddle session may just happen when you are fast asleep. You may be drooling and your hair might be a real mess, but your cat is using this time to express his love on his own terms. Just because you aren’t awake to share in it, doesn’t diminish its significance. Your cat coming to you in the night and sitting on your chest, face, or side is a sure-fire sign that she loves you.

# 6
Offering a Slow Blink

Cats do a lot of talking with their eyes and one very special way they say “I love you” is through the slow blink. When a cat is happy and content with you, she may just look over and slowly close and reopen her eyes. In this they are saying, “Hey friend, I love you, and I feel comfortable enough around you to let my guard down.” This is basically a marriage proposal from a cat and the best response is a reciprocated slow blink accompanied by the warm feeling in your heart from the certainty that your cat loves you. (Helpful tip: The slow blink is also a great way to introduce yourself in a non-threatening way to a new cat to show that you mean no harm.)

Signs that your cat loves you and Signs of cat affection- slow blinks and expressions of love that cat's make

# 7
Kneading or “Making Biscuits”

There are competing theories about why exactly cats knead. One theory holds that adult cats forever associate kneading with the comfort of nursing (kittens knead to stimulate their mother’s milk production), so when a cat kneads near her human, it shows she is relaxed and comfortable with her family. If that’s not love, what is? And when that kneading happens on your lap and is accompanied by purring and an intense, searching gaze, you know you have one content cat on your hands!

# 8
The Tail Has It

Cats often greet people they like with a question-mark-shaped tail. Pay attention to your cat’s tail to judge how happy she is to see you. (For more on reading feline body language, check out

# 9
Hanging Out In Your Space

Cats will show animosity or discomfort, particularly with strangers, by simply vacating the premises. Your cat may not be overly affectionate, but if she’s always in the same room you’re in—even if she seems to not be paying you any attention—then she values your company. Simply put, not all cats are lap cats; this is frequently misunderstood as aloofness or indifference, but sometimes proximity is all a cat needs to be happy with you. We call these special guys Nearby Cats. Your Nearby Cat is just out of reach on the couch, at the foot of your bed, or in an adjacent chair in the living room. This reserved fellow loves you just as much as those showy lap cats. Trust us.

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  • Lisa R.

    My Tilly has to sleep with me everynight, she cuddles next to me.😻😻

  • abinico warez

    Bad idea to bring your cat to work or otherwise expose your cat to unfamiliar people/places.

  • Darlene Scott

    So happy to read this !
    My ragamuffin Noah, is NOT
    a cuddly lap cat , but he is always in the same room, runs to greet me at the door, and always plops down for a belly rub! He loves me after all❤️😻❤️😻❤️😻

  • Annie in Florida

    My cat, Mr Bear, hunts at night and I often get up to find a dead giant beetle on the floor. (This is Florida and we have lots of odd insects.) I am grateful to him for this but yes, it is kinda gross. He is one of the most loving, affectionate cats I have ever known. I KNOW he trusts me and I KNOW he cares about me….that constant purr tells me so and his gentle behavior. He likes being brushed (and he is an Olympic class shedder-) and he loves being stroked. He is one seriously beautiful cat and I am so glad he chose me.

  • Catlady

    It would definitely be dangerous to take any cats to work where I work. The board of health would shut us down in less than a heart beat.

  • nicola richards

    This is Luna, she does all of this with me, she always follows me around, comes for night time cuddles, lots of head butt’s and slow blinking.

  • Tammie

    my kittys best loving and snuggle time is in the morning after we get up she makes her rounds

  • Gail Carlyon

    My 5 all do all of them and I am honoured that they do I adore them

  • Erich

    Making biscuits: when my Simba does that on my solar plexus with all of his 6.9 kilos I have always interpreted his intense, searching gaze as “Give me treats”. If I do so, he’ s away as soon as they’re polished off. If I don’t, he’ll continue for a long time. Meanwhile, the other two vultures, I mean ladies, named Mismet & Isis are milling about around us….

  • Erik

    My Simba (6.9 kilograms) usually kneads with all his bodyweight right on my solar plexus. I usually interpret this, together with his loud purring and intense, searching gaze as “I will not stop until you give me my treat, which is my Godgiven right, you stupid human!”. Meanwhile the other two vultures/cats, Mismet and Isis is purring and milling around us where there is some spare room to mill, waiting for their share… Unfortunately for Simba, I will not give him his treats everytime. He kinda weighs enough already, but he usually quits after half an hour or so…
    But more often than not he gets what he wants… and when there is no more treats he’s off. I have to admit that I sometimes relents and give out the treats just because he’s so darned heavy treading on my belly.
    Am I a bad person because of this?

  • Barbara Hill

    Read all 9 of these “Signs of cat love” and I have to say that my 2 baby cats, Milo age 9 and Bella age 5 does all 9 of these… I assume they love me very much and definitely has full trust in me…..and they even come running when I call their names, and they are strictly indoor baby cats.

  • Maya

    Love this. My cat does most of these, and know she loves me. There is another important sign which is when they lick your head…preen your hair. That has got to be a biggie too!!!

  • Sandra Buckenberger

    These are all true!!!

  • Lily Munster

    When a cat loves you, their whiskers stand erect and point towards you as you come close to their face. This happens when they purse their lips, as if to kiss or suckle, esp apparent when they’re kneading you or giving you a head butt.

  • Kelly Kurgan

    My rescue kitty, Kirky, is my little love bug! I thought he loved me but after reading this article I now know that he LOVES and trusts me!! My nephews told me about a very sweet orange kitten who used to live in their neighbors house but now had to live outside under an old car. They told me that his name was Kirk. My sister in law was afraid to bring Kirk into their house because she already had a cat and the landlord had said no more animals. I went to check this little kitten out and the poor little guy broke and stole my heart all at the same time. He was very underweight and covered in fleas. Even though he had been kicked out of his house weeks prior he still hung around hoping to one day be let back inside. When I took him some food to try to lure him out from under the car, he came right to me. I thought, as with most strays, I would have to gain his trust but he came right over and hunched down to eat the food. He let me pet him and when he had finished his food he pushed his head into my hands. Like he craved the love and touch. I felt so bad having to put him down to go get some flea meds, more cat food and a carrier but I was back quickly and scooped him up with little trouble. I brought Kirky home despite protests to the car ride and began the slow process of getting him healthy and introducing him to my senior dog Oscar, who had never seen a cat before much less had to share his mommy with one! Thankfully after some initial barking and swipes of the paw the two quickly became buddies! Sharing not only a mommy but her bed! They even curled up together in Oscar’s bed! Kirky is happy and healthy (okay maybe a little overweight but not too much)! He gives me head bumps, cheek rubs, slow blinks, snuggles, follows me everywhere (does anyone else’s cat watch them while they are in the shower?!?!😳), brings me dead lizards (🤢) and even “asks” for belly rubs!! Something he learned from Oscar before he passed away! Like Oscar used to, Kirky walks towards me, circles once and then flops to his side and then rolls onto his back stretching! He will lay there until I rub his belly and he quite enjoys it! Another thing he learned from Oscar is how enjoyable walks can be! When I get my sneakers on and ask “who wants to go for a walk?” Kirky runs to Oscar’s old stroller and hops inside! I’m still working on training my new rescue dog, Lucy, what “walk” means but Kirky has it down! 😂 He loves going out for a walk and in his little stroller even feels confident to hold his ground when other dogs start sniffing! Not sure if it’s the mesh “lid” that makes him feel protected or his Mommy but I’m just happy my poor little street kitty feels loved, safe, happy and protected! 😊

  • J.W.

    Hey Lisa I use to have a cat name Tilly she was black and white very smart and you know what she would sleep next to who ever she could we do not know what happened to her one day after school she disappeared after refusing to come in the house for my sister and I

  • Carole

    I have 10 cats & kittens they all show me love by all the actions mentioned… Love my fur babies



  • Colleen Poor

    I feel totally loved by my two calico girls, Jan and Cindy, because they do all of those things with me❤️

  • deborah connors

    My cat Squirrel stretches her back legs when she walks up to me, sometimes she tries to stretch while walking and nearly falls over, then she wraps herself around my legs. At night she comes and lays on my stomach for a cuddle and loves her lips and scent glands rubbed, the she goes to her spot on the bed and sleeps.

  • Deborah Ogles

    This describes my young 10 month old Taterbug to a T. He is so like this

  • Ric Ellingson

    My cat worships me because I worship her.

  • Shelagh

    We have 6 cats, they all like to sit with us but Lissa sleeps either on my pillow cuddled into my cheek or on my shoulder. She likes to put her paw on my face if I sigh or move.

  • Darlene

    We have six cats, Samson, Delilah, Ernie, Meenie, Mynie and mo. It is impossible to get anything done. They all have to be everywhere I am. They take turns sleeping on me, beside me ( holding their paws), and all around me. Everyone of them talks to me to let me know what they want. It really is like having six babies, but I Love them all so much!!!🐱🐈

  • Angie

    My 5 mo old has taken to cuddling under my arm or sleeping on my head during the night. This morning she was startled by the alarm on my phone and gripped my eyelid and nose as she jumped off. She is such a sweet girl, but I do wonder if I should get her front declawed to save my face and body.

  • Carole C

    Thank you! A very helpful article.
    Our 2 cats have shown all of these behaviors at different times. Instinctively the behavior seemed connected to their being content but didn’t know for certain exactly what all of these behaviors meant. I am glad to know this now. Good stuff!
    One other behavior that my one cat will extend is to walk up and position her hind feet on the top of my foot.
    Is this included in the claiming my human category?

  • Jenny Dallas

    My loving cat comes running into the same corner of the bedroom,does a flip over tumble then runs out again regularly. Any ideas why.

  • Megan

    When I’m sitting down in my chair my cat likes to sit on me he loves me.

  • Dusk

    My cat does each of these signs except the bringing you a animal sign. Mostly because my cat is a inside cat 🙂

  • Irene

    Well my cat loves me

  • olivia

    my cat was giving me cheek rubs <3

  • Elena

    My cat sleeps on my pillow

  • Justice

    My cat gives me all those to me

  • Linda Schaefer

    She does all those things except purr never has

  • Margot

    What does it mean when a cat grooms constantly. My cat does this way too much.

  • Maria

    This was very helpful. Thank you

  • Ella Parks

    Mr. Miew Miew is a dude that needs his space from everyone. But he always comes to me when I call him or he responds with a MOEW and rolls over on his belly. He always sleeps next to me but with space apart from me, usually looking at me with slow blinks no matter what time or day. He always has to lay in eye sight of me. And there are other members in my house!!! My dad has never liked cats always told me that cats dont care about you but I truly believe mine does <3 im so happy

  • linda

    my cat can be purring on my lap and then just bite me for no reason. he was abandoned at five months. when i got him. any ideas

  • Abraham

    My cat is smooching her name is Lilly Bell

  • Rosalie

    My cat Snowel sleep beside me everynight. Follow me outside and watch everything I do. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Gemma

    My kitten is two months old and of a night he will lie on my chest and start sucking my neck or nibbling. Wats this mean

  • Iyana Ashaq

    My cats always hunt for socks and bring them to me. Does anyone know why? I think it might be related to #3 about leaving gifts. My cats are indoor cats, so they can’t go out and hunt. What do you think?

  • Alan Nixon

    my cat licks my hair during the night

  • Donna w.

    My little 8 week kitten I just got 2 days ago is already shown most of these signs even sleeping on my pillow beside my head at night. She climbs on my bed to this horse.

  • Donna w.

    My little 8 week kitten I just got 2 days ago is already shown most of these signs even sleeping on my pillow beside my head at night. She climbs on my bed by herself.

  • Angela Marie Fico

    My cat knows when it is going to rain before me. She hides behind the stove before the rain begins.

  • Sally Boyle

    A neighbours cat comes into my house it has started about a year ago I didn’t know it was my neighbours cat until a few months ago. The first time he came around I wasn’t leaving any food for him he would just lay on the window ledge and sleep for a few weeks then I started feeding him he now comes in the house even my dog has gotten use to the two give each other a kiss they have now become friends which is unusual cause when she sees other cats she chases them away the cats follows me around the house and comes up to my room jumps on my bed he purrs alot cuddles into me somehow he doesn’t know who his owner is I heard u don’t chose a cat they chose u

  • John Z.

    My Ella, she is my fifth and current feline companion, loves to be on her back and have me rub her chest and tummy. She will eventually go to sleep upon purring away. First cat to show this. She loves to cuddle with me at bedtime too.

  • MD

    I had a beautiful boy called Elmo, he was a kitten all his life! He adored and loved us with every second of his 17 years. The Vet even mentioned that he had never seen quite a bond like ours. I miss him every day.

    Elmo talked to us constantly with an assortment of meows (not quiet ones either) Elmo was not in pain or distress (all checked out) he just loved the sound of his own voice.

    Elmo did everything from the list above and more besides. He loved to be carried about like a baby and be rocked, he adored to be picked up and hugged (he would quite happily stay there all day hooked over my shoulder if practical). Elmo liked you to sing silly songs to him. Elmo would drool with happiness, many a wet top I wore!

    I know all owners believe their cat children are unique, but even our neighbors and anyone who met him agreed. Elmo was quite the little celebrity, even having his own Instagram page for a short while. Mummies page = 167 followers, Elmo’s page = Over 4K at one stage.

    I would never seek to replace him, but he left a space in our hearts and home for 2 little babies named Ember & Luna, who are now 7 months old and carved out spots and personalities of their own.

    The are both completely black and quite hard to tell apart to the un-trained eye. At present they are both quite high up on the bonkers scale at times, although Ember spends most of her time there!

    Maybe one day they too will be celebrities, but for now only my beautiful Elmo will keep that Hollywood Star of fame.

    I loved your list, written by a cat lover and not a cat medic. A lovely refreshing change I am sure we all preferred. Thank you

  • Vanessa

    My little girl Xena takes cheek rubs to a new level. I’ll hold my hand in the air in front of her and she’ll leap up, take my hand in her paws, and rub it against her head in one quick swoop! So very adorable

  • Elexes Guenther

    Yay! My baby girl Nirvana is so special to me but for a long time I wasnt sure if she loved me. Reading this is so reassuring she does all of these except for bring dead animals to me, as I don’t allow her outside for obvious reasons. This makes me so happy to hear. She’s only 7 months so the fact that she’s showing this kind of love makes me excited for the years to come. Thank you to moderncat for writing this. Very helpful!


    My Jake does all these things. But he only likes me and is not interested in anyone else bless him. He is my fur baby. To the lady thinking of having her cat declawed. Please do not do this. It’s cruel and barbaric and gives them nothing but pain. Give your cat away if you can’t handle the odd bite. This practice is illegal in most countries

  • Miko

    Why my kitten is licking my face? mostly my ear.

  • Miko

    Why my kitten is licking my face? mostly my ear.

  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    my little cat shorty loves me and I never knew that

  • R.appollis

    Loloud in my heart searched everything wrong from the start.

  • Jetah

    My cat always has his stomach up when I’m around him just like he is right now

  • Stephen Beattie

    My cat does all of the above except bring me “gifts”

  • Leanne

    What if your cat doesn’t have a tail (born that way)

  • lynn stafford

    my cat likes to kiss me

  • Kristina

    My cat, Ivy, will not leave my side while I’m in immense pain. I suffer from Diabetic Neruopathy; the moment it starts to flair up, she’s immediately curling up on my desk or on/ near my back (if I’m laying down)- purring. The Neuropathy is in my legs. She knows enough to not touch them but still wants to comfort me anyway.

  • Sophea

    My kitten follows me everywhere she is an inside cat she sleeps with me every night she is a Russian blue she gets kicked a lot and she let’s me belly rub her and I don’t get attacked by her

  • Novelette

    My Pia jumps into my bed at around 2am just to smell me 😻and sleep with me

    i love my cat soo dearly ❤️

  • Jeanette johnson

    I’m 80 years of age and my grand daughter got me a kitten she is 5weeks of age I love her but the cuddling under my neck is uncomfortable what do I do

  • Mimmie H

    Mimmie H: My Sergio sleeps with me too every night Lisa R., and he likes to cuddle also🐈

  • Jade sorbie

    Thanks for this. Just the past 4 weeks I took in a beautiful cat that came to my house and I fed it and very quickly feel in love with her. She now sleeps in my hallway and loves a good belly rub and she greets my car when it pulls up, I am most relieved to know these are all signs that she too loves me back. I think she has found her forever home. ❤️🙏

  • Lucinda Shankle

    This is real informative i surely related thanks! My cat follows me around all the time from room to the other i mean amazing very young cat iam loving her.

  • Neve

    Yayy!! My Theo girl loves me! She cuddles with me whenever I have time headbuts me and loves cheek rubs from me and very often does a slow close eyes at me she also follows me everywhere in he morning and always close bye 😀

  • Robin

    Cats do not love. They are animals, that look for the best way to continue their survival. The way to test this is to injure yourself and not be able to feed them. See see how long they hang around to see you get better. This is coming from an owner of two rescue pit bulls and five rescue cats. Animals do not have the compassion that humans have, they know of survival only.

  • Dustin Tramel

    I’ve allways thought my kitten Lily (named after Lily Potter) didn’t exactly love us, or i didn’t know what the love language for cats was. My family is quite loud, with four kids , one of them being a crazy, loud and obnoxious, little brother 🙄, and Lily spends
    most of her time in our conservatory sleeping, or watching the yard. Occasionaly she would come in to my room at night, and do this wierd thing where she head butted my jaw , kneaded my solar plexus, while sitting on my stomach. At this time I didn’t know what it was and expected it meant she just needed cuddles. So I would pet her while half asleep ,lol. But now she’s doing it more recently, so I googled it and came to this website.
    Very helpful and insiteful! I am now realising she does all of those things, except dropping dead things at our door, (she’s an inside cat so it makes sense). This all Makes me excited lol! Thanks for the answers!

  • Ashley

    My cat Phoebe just….comes up to me starts purring and she is 5 months and my other cat Finn is also 5 months and he is black he is a boy!

  • Pollyanne Hawkes

    My seven do all that and more!! We feel very lucky to have all the affection they lay on us, even though it can be annoying when they plop themselves down in the middle of what we’re doing!!!

  • Mary

    Like this

  • robin K. weiser

    These descriptions are precious. Mine does the slow blink and comes and goes periodically to the room I am to check me out in to back to the bedroom where Ricky likes to lay on my bed.

  • Andrew Kennebeck

    My cat, Gunny, will NOT sleep in his cat bed. I am happy to say that he only either sleeps next to me on the couch or near me when I’m in bed.

  • nick

    if i make my cat cuddle and they sleep will they hate me

  • Immastillhere

    My outdoor stray momma cat severely drools when I scratch her head & neck. I’ve made her a heated cat house as she will be having babies soon & the Iowa weather still has cold nights.

  • Toni H.

    My Lucifer has been getting more aggressively affectionate over the past few months and has in the past week gifted me with 2 dead birds, and then will proudly watch me sweep up all the feathers. He won’t have anything to do with other humans and will only occasionally tolerate my son’s petting. He even went so far as to find the other cat another home so he could have all my attention. This article was very amusing because he has demonstrated almost all of these love behaviors.

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