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By: RC


Your cat loves zipping around your house, chasing anything that moves—and many things that don’t! Embrace that feline instinct with one of these totally chase-able toys! Whether designed for independent or interactive play, they’re bound to get your cat moving. Bonus: This is a great way to get your lethargic or overweight cat active!


If your cat could eat donuts she would, but this alternative is much safer (and dare we say sweeter!)



The Katarantula String toy can be attached to a wand for easy play, but is just as easily pulled around the house by you! That means tons of interactive play for you and your frisky feline.




The lifelikeness of Primal Pets’ Bison toy might startle you, but will please your cat immeasurably!

Primal Pet


Got a know-it-all cat? This unpredictable feather toy spins erractically to keep your kitty on her toe beans!



Cats were born to chase mice. This is a mouse toy that can be launched around your house. Need we say more? She’ll love it.

Kathy Ireland


If you have ever wanted to see a flying cat here’s your chance. By temptingly dangling this Mountain Cat Tree Wand for your cat you’ll be treated to a show of chasing, jumping, pouncing, and perhaps a little flight!



For the solitary cat who needs no partner in crime, the Ripple Rug offers hours of solo fun. The many reconfiguration options provide fresh playtimes for your fickle feline.

Ripple Rug

The simple solution to getting your cat moving? Catnip. These simple yet adorable Catnip Kicks are designed to be tossed about your home, and enthusiastically enjoyed by your cat!

Peach Pet

Designed to mimic the erratic movements of small animals, these creepy critters will incite your cat’s predatory instinct!

Jackson Galaxy


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