Few things are as entertaining as playing with a formerly reluctant cat. Get even your laziest feline to play with RompitCatz iridescent Cagonfly attachment for their classic play rod! The rod is interchangeable with all their attachments, but we like the Cagonfly the best. Honestly though, you can’t go wrong — they’re all awesome.

Simply attach the string to the end of your rod and tug gently across the floor to engage your cat’s natural prey drive. Watch those pupils dilate and that butt wiggle just before an epic pounce! Shiny, colourful wings catch the light and entice your feline for endless play fun.

RompitCatz’s products are all high-quality, carefully handcrafted items designed to entertain you and your cat and help foster their natural desire to hunt. They have built-in safety features to keep cats safe. The best part? They offer many different interchangeable attachments to keep playtime fresh.

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