Last week, Cordy the cat was lucky enough to receive an Aikiou Interactive Cat Feeder to add to her toy collection! This BPA-free feeder features different grooves where you can hide bits of food or treats for kitty to fish out, creating a mentally stimulating task for your cat. It comes with interchangeable tubes so you can make it harder or easier for your cat to grab the food. Cordy's never been mistaken for a rocket scientist, so we put in the easiest tubes and let her get to work! After a little puzzling, she worked out how to get to her treats. We've been replenishing it all weekend and she's been snacking in peace.

Cordy doesn't have any weight issues, but be sure to use low calorie treats if your cat is battling the bulge. The Aikiou provides useful mental stimulation (firing up Cordy's ageing brain cells) and is fast becoming one of Cordy's favourite toys!