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Apple Cider Vinegar for Cats – Holistic Healing

Why You Should Give Your Cat Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar for Cats – Yay or Nay?

ACV has enzymes plus gut-friendly bacteria for the win!

With its enzymes, important vitamins and minerals, and gut-friendly bacteria, all-natural Apple Cider Vinegar for cats, or ACV, can be a powerful holistic healing tool, promoting your pet’s digestion, repelling parasites, and even breaking up bladder crystals.

Want to give it a try? First, make sure you’re using the right vinegar. Be sure to use organic, unpasteurized (raw), unfiltered, naturally fermented ACV, like Bragg Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar. Look for the sediment in the bottom called “the mother” and you’ll know you’ve got the right stuff. Do not buy white distilled vinegar, as it has none of the beneficial elements of ACV.

  • How ACV can benefit cats:
  • Boosts the immune system.
  • Improves skin and coat health (i.e. hotspots, dander, itchiness, fleas).
  • Fights urinary tract infections.
  • Thought to help with bladder and kidney stones, metabolism, and candida (aka yeast), among other conditions.

ACV Dosage + Delivery:

Add ACV to your cat’s food:

Combine 1/4 teaspoon Apple Cider Vinegar with 1 teaspoon of chicken broth or tuna water and mix it into your cat’s wet food.

Add ACV to your cat’s water:

Add 1 teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar to about a cup of your cat’s drinking water

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  • sheila ressel

    I take this myself and I am excited to learn I can give this to my kitties too. I have a couple of cats who have skin allergies so I hope this can relieve their scratching.

  • Autumn

    When my cat had a bladder infection I gave ACV to her in her water and put it on her paws. It cleared it up within a day.

  • Beth

    More need to no more about healthy vaccines for cats, Like About F.I.P. its Deadly in a kitten or cat ?

  • JEANNINE Colletti

    Where can i buy this health food store is it helpful for cat. Crystals

  • Kimberly Ellis

    How often do I give this apple cider vinegar mixture per day and how many days/weeks to give my cat? She weighs 9.3 lbs

  • Allicia Cain

    I want to give my cat ACV on a regular basis to keep his urinary issues healthy. Can I do it everyday long term?

  • Eleanor Simon

    I’ve given ACV to my male cat a few years ago and it worked. What is the dosage and how many times a day do I give it to him. I remember I gave it to him in a. eye dropper a few times a day, for a few days but I can;t remember.

  • kathleen henrie

    like many of the other comments on this site, i would like to know how ften i should give the recommened dosage to my cat. i would also like to know how much ACV i should add to their water fountain? it holds about one gallon of water fyi. isince i have 2 cats i probably won’t be able to tell which one got any of the treatment, but would add it to fountain anyway. but just to be sure i will give a dropper of the correct mixture, directly to my cat that has the issues, so if you could let me know the correct dose to put in dropper, thanks kathy

  • Lina

    How often should I give this to my cat? She weighs 3kgs and she about a year and a month old. Should I put in her food everytime that she eats?She doesn’t drink water at all. Thanks for the tips

  • Chandra Williams

    Did anyone get an answer about the doseage and frequency?

    • Becky Belzile

      Hi there! We recommend consulting your veterinarian regarding dosage and frequency before beginning any sort of treatments for your cats.

  • Charmaine Khadaroo

    My kitten has a bad yeast infection. Can this help

  • Stella

    How often do I give my 6 lb cat 1/4 teaspoon of apple cider

  • Khris

    How many times a day can I feed my cat the AVC mixture? my cats is 2months old

  • MT

    ACV for cats. I read somewhere on internet to give 1/2 TEASPOON per day mixed with food for 3 DAYS. I did it for crystals and it worked. After the 3 DAYS I decided myself to give 2 or 3 TINY drops on food each day. I am not a vet or cat authority.

  • Kathleen Kirkpatrick

    Cat “developed dirty chin.” A condition, like humans -“blackheads.” under her chin. I’ve used 100% apple cider vinegar for years myself -Best astringent- literally draws any black heads out immediately onto the coton pad. Can I use it “full strength for my feline?

  • Delores Sanders

    Can I add the regular apple cider vinegar to some chicken broth just for tonight until I get the organic apple cider vinegar tomorrow

  • S

    Daily or for how long?

  • Sherri Salisbury

    How often do you give ACV with mothers. My cat has a bad tooth and I don,t have $600 for one tooth too see a vet.and that doesn’t include xrays etc. He was eating well since I rescued him from the humane society, but has had issues his teeth since I brought him home. They told me he had issues but I guess bc I fostered him and adopted back they dont have too fix them. And they was going too put him up for adoption a day after nurturing him. So I didnt imagine the cost. So I’ve been doing AVC but he hasnt eaten allday today. But has been drink alot of water. Does anyone know if this can get better.

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