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You’re not the only one in your household who can be entertained by a tablet! We give three apps for cats a try. 

apps for cats- paw mepaw me interactive game for cats

Paw Me

Available: Android
Price: Free

Do your cats have a case of sibling rivalry? Settle the score with this online, multiplayer game for cats (and their humans)! With four different game modes—single player, cat vs. cat, human vs. cat, and human vs. human—everyone can get in on the fun. The digital prey (choose from a mouse, bird, laser, and more) have realistic movements and sounds to tempt even the most standoffish of feline players. And you can even customize the game settings to best suit your cat’s interests. My cat Bandito loved the rainbow mouse so much that he drooled all over the screen!

cat fishing apps for catscat fishing game for cats to play with

Cat Fishing 2

Available: For Apple and Android
Price: Free

Give your goldfish a break from hungry feline eyes with this easy to play fishing game for cats. Cats love stalking the brightly coloured fish as they “swim” across the screen, as well as the realistic ripples, bubbles, and sounds. If your cats do lose interest, the game lets out a “meow” that is sure to capture their attention. My boys Harry and Bandito, while enthralled, preferred watching to fishing but if your cat is more into actively trying to catch the fish, beware the back button! It’s easy for over excited fisher-cats to accidentally close the game.

cat painting app paint for cats app

Paints for Cats

Available: For Apple (iPad)
Price: $1.99

Is your cat the next Paw-casso? With this fun app you can put your cat’s artistic prowess to the test! The Paint for Cats app features a mouse with an enticingly twitchy tail scampering around the screen. Wherever a paw lands, paint appears! Your cat can create a true masterpiece just by batting at the mouse on the screen, causing a smear, spot or splash to appear. My cat Harry, a true artist, enjoyed painting but ignored the mouse. The best part is, after playtime is over, you can share your cat’s art on social media or print it out and stick it on the fridge like the proud pet-parent you are.


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  • KoreenGK

    I downloaded the Cat Fishing app on my iPhone quite a while ago, but my 11-year-old cat has never been interested in it… He’s not interested in electronics of any kind…

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