Your guide to buying Armarkat pet products! 

Because cats gotta climb! And that’s why both cats and their pet parents go crazy for Armarkat Cat Trees. Cats, because of their natural instinct to survey their territory from the highest point. Pet parents, because cat furniture keeps kitty off of the furniture for good!

Since cats are so territorial, they immediately adopt the Cat Tree as their own. They discover that it is, without a doubt, the best place for scratching, climbing, playing and sleeping. Up on the highest perch, kitty has the perfect place to watch over her environment. If she wants to hide, she can go inside her cat playhouse. If she wants to rest, she might laze on the hammock. The various levels, hanging toys and running ramps allow her to get all the exercise and fun she wants.

Armarkat is the Best-in-Class manufacturer of Cat Trees. Because Armarkat has spent the last 20 years developing and refining Cat Trees, you’ll find the broadest line with the most variety of features. You’ll find all sizes and shapes complete with cat perches, cat condos, playhouses, swinging ropes, climbing ladders, hammocks, baskets, platforms and running ramps. They come in sizes ranging from small and compact to large and sprawling. They hold one tiny kitten or many full-grown cats.

What all Armarkat Cat Trees have in common are multiple scratching posts constructed of durable sisal rope that cats are naturally attracted to–instead of your furniture. Ramps and levels are covered in faux fur, faux fleece, or specially treated carpeting to withstand years of use and abuse. They are even available in select premium hardwood styles. Colors are selected and updated to blend with any home decor.

Sturdy Armarkat Cat Trees are easily assembled and come with instructional diagrams. An Allen wrench and assorted screws are provided. Routine maintenance means checking monthly that the screws are tight so the unit is stable and secure. Occasional spot cleaning is simple with mild detergent.

As the most seasoned and reliable Cat Tree maker, Armarkat is also the only manufacturer to provide replacement parts. Since your Cat Tree will last for many years, you can affordably replace any parts by entering your Model Number on the website:, where you will find complete details.

You will be sure to find the perfect Cat Tree for your cat’s personality, your decorating style and your pocketbook from Armarkat. Here’s wishing you many fun-filled and happy years with your feline companions and their favorite Armarkat Cat Tree.

A Word About Pet Beds:
Armarkat offers you a large variety of top-of-the-line Pet Beds to soothe baby kittens or to provide lounging space for extra-large dogs. You will find a multiplicity of shapes, sizes, colors and materials. Keep in mind that a round bed is designed for cats or small dogs, while a large and plump square mat will give even the biggest canine companion a cushioned place to sprawl and rest.

They come in buttery faux suede, silky faux fur or luxurious velvet with supple, plush interior cushions, often removable. They come in heavy-duty canvas with non-skid, waterproof bottom surfaces. Pick your favorite color from a multitude of hues. Built to last, they zip open for easy removal and machine washing.

Your toughest time will be selecting the perfect one for your own cat or dog!

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