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Dear Lyle,
You know that cats are really smart, of course, and we can sometimes sense when another animal has a health problem. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest that we can sense health problems in our human companions, too. Do you have any guesses as to why this is? 
I go to a pet store during the day (with my family), and I have seen all sorts of animals who come in with their humans. If an animal is sick, I can usually tell and it scares me. The other week I might have attacked a deaf dog because of this fear. Is there anything I can do to adjust to this?
-Uneasy Elroy 
Dear Fearful Elroy,
Thanks for this question! I am in total agreement with you about our general intelligence. I am always tricking my mom by climbing up on shelves and knocking stuff over (she pretends she is mad, but I know she thinks I am adorable). I actually think the reason we love humans so much (and they love us right back) is because of our ability to intuit with them.  Our ability to sense health problems is no different. As gifted hunters, we are always keenly aware of what is happening in our environment (the things moms and dads don't notice continually astound me). 
As to being afraid of other cats and animals with illnesses, it is ok to be wary of things we don't understand, but it is a good idea to just give the animal a bit of extra space and patience. They are going through a tough time and if we are lucky enough to have our health, we shouldn't rub it in. Did you know that our purring has healing powers? We should try to share our love and help heal our friends so that the world continues to appreciate that we are awesome. 
Thanks for writing in, Elroy! I am so jealous that you get to meet so many fun new friends every day!
– Lyle

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