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Hi Lyle,
For some reason, I don’t feel so good. My humans left for the day and I was doing my normal activities: ensuring there were no intruders on the kitchen counters, checking out the view from the table, playing in the kitchen sink, and I found that my humans did the nicest thing and they left me a bag of treats up on the counter! Silly that they are though, it was sealed and actually a little hard for me to get to and open, but after some perseverance and use of my teeth I got to them. I had such a great time eating all of the treats! My day has been totally normal, I slept for a bit, watched some birds outside, and slept for a bit more. But I don’t feel great. I am worried it might be the flu or something, can you let me know if you have ever had a tummy ache? I mean, it’s nothing too serious, but I just don’t want to go to the doctor.

Worried-about-communicable-diseases Willow

Hi Woozy Willow!

It sounds like you have had just an amazing day without your humans. It's funny you should mention the counters, because there is a rule in my house that if my Momma is home, I can't go up there. Luckily, the minute she leaves, that rule no longer applies! But I digress. As to the treats they left you, that was super nice of them. As you mention, it would have been much nicer for them to leave the bag open, but humans can be forgetful sorts sometimes.

I am sorry to hear that you aren't feeling very well, but I have a theory about what might have caused it. Of course, your human should definitely take you to the doctor if you are really not feeling well. I know it can be scary (or at least that is what my brother tells me – I just love it!), but these certain special humans have ways of making us feel much better. Provided your human knows what your health status is, here is my theory about your current state. I think you might have eaten too many treats. It's either that, or you slept too long and your innards are on strike.

Unfortunately, I do have experience with having an upset stomach. I have mentioned before that I like to chew on pretty much anything that will have me. Some of my favourite things include cardboard boxes, errant hair ties, or pieces of dust I see on the floor. Sometimes I play a game with my Momma where she frantically tries to pull whatever it is out of my mouth while I try to swallow the thing. It is so fun (for her too, I just know it). Anyways, sometimes I win the game and then later I don't feel great either. In my opinion, it's always worth it to go down in a blaze of glory.

I'm sure you'll start to feel better soon, and if not, you need to make it really clear for your human so that they can get you the help you need.

This too, shall pass (unfortunately).

Thanks for writing in, Willow!

~ Lyle

If your cat has a question for Lyle. just write him at asklyle(at), and he will be happy to answer them. Don't forget to include a photo of the cat who needs advice so that we can post it with his response! Follow all of Lyle's adventures on Instagram, @Lylestagram 

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