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Ask Lyle is our weekly cat-to-cat advice column from Modern Cat (and ridiculously outspoken gentleman), Lyle. Submit your questions to, and he will be happy to answer them. Don't forget to include a photo of the questioning cat so that we can post it with the advice!

You can also follow Lyle's adventures on Twitter and Instagram,@lylestagram


Dear Lyle,

I've just been adopted into a great new home along with another super cat from the agency. I love my new home and love, love, LOVE my new best cat friend. I try to cuddle with her, sit beside her, lick her and play with her but only seem to get smacked on my head for my efforts. I am a lot younger (and a bit more skittish) than  my new cat friend so this is very puzzling to me. Are we BFFs or what?

Wondering with a sore head,


PS. This is my new buddy. She looks pretty nice, doesn't she?






Dear Dauntless Daisy,

Thanks so much for writing in! I am thrilled that you have been adopted into your forever home–and with a friend too? What more could you ask for? As a cat who's love is sometimes too big for other cats, I can certainly understand how you feel when your efforts are not returned (or worse, returned with the aforementioned head smack). The thing you must always remember is that your big heart is part of you and other cats are just going to have to work with it. Do not stop expressing your feelings to your new friend. She will come around in time, because I can just tell that you are the sort of cat who would make an amazing life-long friend.

Because your buddy is older, it is possible that she isn't used to having someone around all the time, and even if she did live with other cats before, I doubt they were as awesome as you. I am sure there are things that you are learning from her about how to behave in your new home, and it sounds like you are teaching her about what it means to have a sister. Keep up the good work, and do not be swayed in your quest for the love you deserve.


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