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Australia’s Most Pampered Pets

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Australia’s most pampered pets owned by celebrity pet parents and the super-rich are turning to exclusive and luxurious tailored boarding packages for their pets. The latest on the list of luxury pet services includes Hanrob Pet Hotels with its fleet of pet shuttles and limousines, full-service grooming and aromatherapy spa with certified professional groomers.

Hanrob Pet Hotels indulges your pets in an experience so unique, from private play time to customized training packages and Dog TV, should Fido feel the need for entertainment. Pet boarding at the Hanrob takes on a whole new personalized approach that is dedicated to ensure the success and happiness of your pooch. With certified professional massage therapists, dog trainers that are nationally registered, every Hanrob Pet Hotel offers pet care going above and beyond the norms. Safety, comfort, play, nutrition and the wellbeing of your pets are the number one priority here. The luxurious hotel offers not only a wide range of packages to suit every discerning pet lover, but also a man-made beach for our spirited canine companions. offers a wide range of activities such as Kitty Kingdom for feline pet parents and the Staying Connected Package with Skype sessions for only $49.00.This resort is expanding their network of hotels internationally with all locations conveniently situated nearby the airport for easy access.

Luxurious pet hotels have become so popular among pet parents today. What sets The Hanrob apart are the customized training packages to ensure the success of each training participant. Leading vets across Australia recommend the Hanrob as the next best alternative. This lavish chain has suites conveniently located in Sydney and Melbourne Airport, and is an internationally recognized pet destination.

Equipped with three different packages, that are available with a range of supervised activities, The Hanrob ensures that your canine companions enjoy their pet vacay just as much as you do.

Platinum Paw offers a full day of interactive playtime with other canines; an aromatherapy shampoo, condition and gentle blow-dry on the day of Fido’s departure. This package also includes a group of action photos uploaded onto Hanrob’s Facebook page. The Gold Paw package comes with a half day of interactive play time with his fellow play dates, and an aromatherapy shampoo and blow dry. The Silver Paw package offers daily afternoon short playtime sessions, followed by an aromatherapy shampoo, conditioning and gentle blow dry on the day of departure.

Long gone are the days of ordinary pet care. From beloved playtime packages, to pet limousine services and pampered pets, The Hanrob customizes your pet’s activities and makes pampered travel fun. There’s no reason why your pampered pets can’t get in on the fun .

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