With all the hair that cats shed, it’s easy to feel like every surface in your home is shedding! That’s why we think Lilly Brush’s BE FOREVER FURLESS brush (BFF) is a great tool for cat owners with long haired fur babies.

 Its nylon bristles and ergonomic handle optimize your ability to pick up hair in just a few sweeps. Simply brush the BFF back and forth across upholstery to remove hairs that have become engrained in the fabric of your furniture. It also helps to get rid of muddy paw prints that are lingering on the surface of your couch or carpet. It’s easy to clean, too – once you’ve got your brush overflowing with fur, just rinse with soap and water to reuse!

Durable and long lasting, this brush covers more than cat hair it’s also great for removing pills, lint, and light soil. This brush is a best seller on Amazon for a reason – it’s a perfect addition to your cleaning toolkit that will help you keep cat hair in check! – JH