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Best Articles of 2014

Here's a trip down memory lane featuring our top 10 articles of the year!

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10) 5 Ways to Help a Semi-Feral Cat Adjust to a Domestic Home

We’ve got a great guide for helping a semi-feral cat adjust to his new life with you. Great tips and tricks!


9) You're Petting Your Cat Wrong

Cat expert Jackson Galaxy shows us all the better way to do it (so that Fluffy won’t leave or attack your hand).


8) 9 Things My Cat Taught Me

This collection of some of our favourite cat GIFs brings a smile to our face every time we browse through.


7) Do Your Cats Have a Group Scent?

Another seriously awesome cat expert, Mieshelle Nagelschneider, explains the fascinating group scent phenomenon. She even includes tips on how you can use group scent to make a more harmonious multi-cat home.


6) Cat Urolls and Then Rolls Up Toilet Paper

We’ve seen plenty of videos of cats unrolling the toilet paper, but rolling it back up? How utterly civilized and just too cute! 


5) Calm Cat Gets a Bath

Not all cats dislike water—just watch this goofball who thoroughly enjoys a full bath in the sink. 


4) DIY Crochet Cat Bed

Our readers wanted to get crafty this year with this totally comfy crochet cat bed. We’re considering making one in human size. 


3) Cat Tries to Rescue Kitten in a Box

Watching this adorable cat attempt to help a trapped kitten is oh-so endearing. What a sweetheart!


2) 9 Foods to Never Give to Your Cat

This valuable resource is a great post to share with any cat owner you know. Help keep all cats safe!


1) 12 Sounds Cats Make and What They Mean

From yowls to chirrups to caterwauls, our readers wanted to know just exactly what their cats were trying to say, making this the most-read story of 2014. 

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