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Best Gifts for Cats: Litter Essentials

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Fresh Step Cat Litter

Monitoring your cat’s health from home is simple with easy-to-read color changes that provide instant results with Fresh Step Health Monitoring Litter available at Target.


Litter Locker

Litter Genie has become the hassle-free litter disposal system that is closing the lid on cat odours with its unique air-tight design and multi-layer bags to lock away undesirable smells.


ökocat creates next generation plant-based, biodegradable litter that is 99% dust free, providing outstanding odor control and easy-clean clumping, made from sustainably sourced wood without harmful chemicals or added scents. 


Elevate your day with LoftyLoo: sit or stand to scoop. Lifts litter pans for joint-friendly cleaning. Wheelchair accessible. Storage controls odour while keeping supplies within reach, and the raised litter station creates accessibility for all.


Catalyst Pet’s sustainable, lightweight Soft Wood cat litters clump well and offer excellent odour control. With Multi-Cat, Healthy Cat, and Unscented formulas, there’s a litter to meet every need!

Boxie Cat

Boxie Pro Deep Clean Cat Litter is made with proprietary Cat Activated probiotics that deep clean litter on a microscopic level 24/7, so your cat won’t spread unseen waste around your home. Live probiotics consume microscopic waste and odours, providing continuous cleaning each time your cat uses the litter box!


Casa Leo

A high-tech solution to dreaded litter box chores! Leo’s Loo Too controls odours and ensures your cat always has a clean box by automatically sifting waste into an enclosed waste drawer. Remotely monitor via the connected app.

Red Rocket Pets

Make cleaning the litter box a cinch with this litter disposal system! The new Purrr Litter TWIST’R from Red Rocket Pets controls odour, holds up to 18 pounds of litter waste per bag, and it comes with a scoop, which can be stored in the handy scoop holder when not in use!


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