bioDOGradable Cat Litter bags offers a patented vegetable blend as an alternative to plastic litter bags.  As cat parents, we go through millions of bags that are simply plastic based, which ultimately contaminates our landfills and pollutes our oceans. Plastic bags also require the use of petro-chemicals and fossil fuels to manufacture, only to forever be left as harmful mico-plastics.  At this rate, if nothing is done, there will be more plastics than fish in our oceans by 2050.  Don’t be misled by fancy packaging and fake ‘biodegradable’ claims without proper certifications because these options are just as bad. The time to make a change is now and bioDOGradable leads a Green Movement with an eco-friendly alternative to plastics that you can trust with certifications in USDA Biobased, Compostability, and Home Compostability.  It is now our responsibility to stop plastic pollution for future generations.  Join the Green Movement and reduce the use of plastic bags!