• Cats in the City of Plague

    A. L. Marlow

    This timely look at surviving a pandemic, told through the point of view of cats, will have readers riveted. During the 14th century, cats were widely and erroneously blamed for the spread of the Black Plague. This historical fiction novel follows a group of intrepid cats as they grapple with their current predicament and try to find safety after being forced to flee the comfort of their homes. Weaving historic detail with cat behaviour, this engrossing read shows how much—and how little—has changed.


  • Funny Farm

    Laurie Zaleski

    When Laurie Zaleski was just a child, she vowed to make her mother’s dream of starting an animal rescue come true. Thirty years later, she did just that. But when her mother passed away two weeks before moving to their 15-acre farm, dubbed the Funny Farm Animal Rescue, the dream became about carrying on her mother’s legacy. This inspiring, moving memoir details how Zaleski, with grit and determination, overcame her grief and turbulent past to help over 600 animals in need.

  • The Secret Life of Albert Entwistle

    Matt Cain

    Albert Entwistle’s quiet life with his cat Gracie is turned upside down after he is forced to retire from his job with the Royal Mail service just months shy of his 65th birthday. Feeling cast adrift, Albert bravely makes a plan for embracing his true self, setting out to find the love of his life, and finding friends and allies along the way. This heartwarming, hopeful novel of resilience and lost love shows it’s never too late to live life to the fullest.

  • Pet That Cat! A Handbook for Making Feline Friends

    Nigel Kidd & Rachel Braunigan

    Written by 12-year-old Nigel Kidd and his mom Rachel Braunigan, Pet That Cat! is a wonderful interactive guide for the young cat lovers in your life! Filled with fun cat facts, informative illustrations, and helpful guidelines for caring for and interacting with cats, it’s a great resource for young readers wanting to learn all about cats.

  • Purr: The Science of Making Your Cat Happy

    Zazie Todd

    Zazie Todd has created a must-have guide to improving your cat’s life. The aptly named Purr is packed with enrichment and exercise ideas, advice on how to help your senior live their best life, kitten training do’s and don’ts, tips for reducing feline fear and anxiety, a happy cat check list, and much more.